Back To Barre (weekly workout recap)

A couple of notes before getting to my workouts from last week:

Just as I said in last week’s post that ideally, I would like to take two barefoot sculpt classes a week, I didn’t take any and instead tried two new-to-me barre classes. Which I LOVED. Two different teachers yet both styles were fairly similar to Pure Barre. I was in my element.

ball, 2 lb weighs, resistance band

The good news for me is that literally every morning every day of the week, I have a class (or two, or three), that I love and can choose from depending upon my mood and schedule.

I realized that I didn’t run very much when writing this recap. Here’s why:

1 – I’m happy to take classes instead of run

2- Work was insane and draining which zaps me of my running mood along with being in the city and sleeping a little less.

3- I had PMS which left me feeling hot/cold/hot/cold without actually being hot or cold plus nauseous but not nauseous. This situation also made me forget that I would normally want to run.

Last Week’s Workouts

It’s worth mentioning that I do walk on the treadmill often before/after classes in the morning. I don’t include those walks in the list below because I don’t track them. They are pretty informal.

Monday – 20 Min Run + Barre

I LOVED this barre class. We used a ball, 2-lb weights, and a resistance band.

Tuesday – 45 Min Treadmill

This turned into a ranging incline walk with some running in the middle — not my typical workout but it’s where I was today.

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Barre

Another great barre class! 2 lb weights + ball.

Friday – Pilates

This pilates class used the ring, ball, and 2 lb weights.

Saturday – 3 Mile Run + Spin

I love this combo of running first and then jumping into the spin class. 3 miles in 26 minutes basically on the dot without feeling like I was doing more than a warm-up. It was great. Spin was excellent as well.

Sunday – Precision Walk + Pilates

I say this every week lately but the treadmill walking class at Equinox is SO GOOD. Inclines ranged from as low as 3 during rest to 14 — time flies.

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