Friday Favorites From The Week

Oh boy have I had a crazy week at work. I’m ready to share some favorites with you today as I’m really happy that it’s finally the weekend!

Friday Favorites

This unplanned matching moment made me really happy when I sat down to stretch the other morning at the gym.


YES to this! This is exactly why I do not know how to cross streets anywhere but here!

This really only becomes a problem when you are driving in the city — it’s very annoying and difficult to drive when people keep walking but as a pedestrian, you just keep walking and don’t care.


We had dinner at Dos Caminos the other night. I hadn’t been to Dos Caminos in a few years but had the naked grain bowl with the cauliflower taco filling which is similar to what I ordered last time too.


Favorite Finds:

I got the last Pixie Blush Stick at Target last weekend and yes, it’s as good as the reviews you may be seeing everywhere lately. Grab it before it’s sold out! It looks really good with the must-have e.l.f. Halo Glow Filter which I mentioned recently.

Flutter leggings with the font slit at the ankle – yes or no?

I don’t need a clear fanny pack but they are definitely a good option if the sporting events you attend require clear bags.

This is a cute “Gym & Juice” t-shirt!

Some colors of the Sculpt Tank from lululemon are on sale right now.

The Run For It Ear Warmer is on sale too – get it now for running outside in the winter. Oh, and the Down For It All Mittens are on sale too! I don’t love the color but who cares. It’s on sale and you only wear it for running anyway.

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