What Kind Of Changes? (weekly workout recap)

If you missed my post yesterday about September 11, you can read it here.

Even if I tried at various points in the day yesterday to not think about what the day was, I couldn’t avoid it. While waiting for our order at Town Bagel, I watched the reading of the names.


Weekly Workout Recap

My son asked me if I’ve noticed any changes since joining Equinox.

What kind of changes?

I wasn’t even looking for changes. I’m not one for “goals” and I’m not looking to lose weight – I don’t even use a scale. I joined Equinox for the change of scenery and to enjoy myself.

Although, I might notice one positive change aside from enjoying my workout experiences.

I think the incline walking on the treadmill, especially from the Precision Walk class, has made me more capable and comfortable with inclines overall. The last couple of times that I ran on the treadmill, I notice that I’m setting it to a higher incline as soon as I start to run and keep it higher than I used to as my base incline.

So that’s pretty cool!

Fitness Finds

I noticed that lululemon has the terry headbands now. Alo Yoga headbands come as a two-pack for $20 vs lululemon for $14 for just one headband.

alo yoga

The Sculpt Tank from lululemon now comes in a bright purple (moonlit magenta) — this is now my favorite tank for running so I will likely get it in this color and maybe white or black too.

Last Week’s Workouts

I’m still working on setting a routine but the truth is, and I think I keep saying this, it will continue to vary/go day by day.

I definitely noticed that I want nothing to do with running outside. It’s amazing how burned out of my usual routine I actually was because I don’t think I fully noticed until I changed things by joining Equinox.

While there are tons of various types of classes to choose from, I’m pretty set on rotating pilates, barefoot sculpt, and spin, and fitting in barre (and the Precision Walk class on Sundays) when I can.

What I do love and try really hard to do is (again, when I can) take two barefoot sculpt and two pilates each week. Each of those classes has a different teacher which gives me a really nice variation on the same type of exercises. It won’t happen each week because I do need to go by how I feel, what time I wake up, and what else I have going on that day, but I will try!

Monday – 5 Miles (treadmill)

I don’t have a specific workout to share but I still run my easy run on the treadmill workout for the first mile and then pick it up from there, finishing five miles under 45 minutes.

Tuesday – Barefoot Sculpt


Wednesday – 3 Miles (treadmill) + Pilates

I squeeze those three miles in prior to pilates which pushes me to get done fast. Today I had a few extra minutes so I didn’t go crazy with speed but still ran three miles in 26 minutes.

Thursday – Outdoor Walk + 20 Min Melissa Wood Health Yoga Flow

Friday – Pilates

Saturday – 15 Min Run + Spin

I slept a little later today which meant I missed the first spin class on the schedule. This worked out well because I’ve wanted to take Anthem Ride for a while now! I really loved it and loved adding a 15-minute warm-up run prior to the spin class.

While the Saturday schedule has a spin class followed by the Precision Run class (still haven’t made it to that class!), I definitely won’t ever do that. I think that would be too high intensity for me. But, I can totally run a bit on the treadmill before spinning. It warmed me up really nicely for spin and I felt great afterward.

Sunday – Barefoot Sculpt + Precision Walk

It worked out with today’s schedule that the Barefoot Sculpt class was moved up by 15 minutes which meant I was able to do that plus the treadmill walk class. They usually conflict so this made me happy.

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