4 Salads To Discuss + Whole Foods French Fries

I went to put together a recent meal post and realized that I only have a whole bunch of salads to share!

I suppose this isn’t too surprising, I live on salads for lunch and also have salads pretty often for dinner.


I stopped for a salad from Chopt after buying a few things at Twenty5A.

I’m back to not knowing what’s in my Chopt salad. I updated the ingredients in the Chopt app a while ago and I just click reorder every week without looking at what I’m getting. Although, I do know that I still get the crispy chickpeas — I love crispy chickpeas!


Town Bagel

I love a chopped salad from Town Bagel and also love that it comes with a bagel of choice. Considering the price of a salad at Chopt only includes four toppings, the salad from Town Bagel doesn’t limit your toppings and comes with a bagel. It’s a much better deal.

I also ordered a small side of vegetable cream cheese for my whole wheat everything bagel. I ate half of the bagel and salad and brought the rest home.


New Favorite Salad Combo

Can we discuss my excitement over this simple combination of salad and french fries? I had gone to Whole Foods for a few things and decided to buy the Whole Foods 365 Organic Crinkle Cut French Fries. I hadn’t bought them in a while but always loved them so much!

This is likely my new favorite quick dinner combination.


Cheesecake Factory

I wasn’t sure which salad to have at The Cheesecake Factory now that I switch between the Barbeque Ranch (without chicken) or the Vegan Cobb.

I ultimately went with the Vegan Cobb salad after sharing the Thai Lettuce Wraps.

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