10 Random Workout Thoughts

I have 10 random workout thoughts which I think is the best way to recap my continued experience at Equinox.

1 – I really love Equinox. Joining is probably the best decision I’ve made in a while.

2- There’s no denying that Equinox is an investment. But again, best decision I’ve made in a while therefore I really try not to think about the price and rather, realize that if I’m going to pay this much money per month, at least I’m using the membership to the fullest extent possible.

3 – I didn’t get to spin last week. There are just so many classes and only so much time in the day! Also, I wanted to run a little more last week — spinning and running will battle each other on a weekly basis.

With summer winding down, I chose a 5-mile beach run over the gym on Saturday but kept it really easy because I ran five miles on the treadmill on Friday pretty fast (for me).


4 – If I wanted to, I could EASILY spin and run back-to-back — but I won’t. I do double up a cardio class followed by a pilates or barre class when I have time, but I won’t spin and run on the same day as I’m trying not to overdo it.

5 – I didn’t get to barre last week either. Again, only so much time and so many great options! There are a few barre class options for me during the week that I still need to try so one of these weekdays, I will work it into the rotation.

6 – I love pilates. That is all.

7 – I also love Barefoot Sculpt. As of now, I take two different instructors and they are both great — one a little more challenging than the other. It’s now a battle for me to squeeze in both of those classes with two different instructors in the same week. This class schedule is a real balancing act.

8 – I took the Equinox Precision Walk class on the treadmill again and really love it. It’s no joke. It’s an amazing workout that, once done, feels easier on the body than running but during the class? A real challenge. Inclines can only make me stronger.

9 – Speaking of the treadmill, I am back to loving my treadmill runs. I’m much faster on the treadmill than outdoors these days so it’s been fun to get back to my speedy self. Some days, I’m in my own race to squeeze in three miles prior to a class.

10 – I run my first mile for all treadmill runs following my easy run on the treadmill workout plan. It’s still the best warm-up and most engaging way for me to get going on the treadmill.

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Monday – (GYM)Treadmill Walk + Free Weights
  • Tuesday – (GYM) 15 Min Run (treadmill) + Barefoot Sculpt
  • Wednesday – (GYM) Fast 3-Mile Run (treadmill) + Pilates
  • Thursday – Outdoor Walk + Yoga
  • Friday – (GYM) 5 Mile Speed Interval Run (treadmill) + Barefoot Sculpt
  • Saturday – 5 Mile Easy Run (boardwalk)
  • Sunday – (GYM) Precision Walk + Pilates
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