Workout Variety + Figuring Out Equinox Routine

So I’m still in the mindset of not wanting to write a weekly workout recap each week but I did join Equinox so I feel like I should give some updates on how that’s going.

I love it.

It’s been so fun and rejuvenating to my workout routine and mornings! I don’t think I even realized how tired of my usual running loop in my neighborhood I actually was until I joined Equinox. While I ran outside once this past week, I WAS SO BORED and sorry I chose to do that instead of going to the gym on that particular day.

I love all of the Equinox classes so far.

I’m still figuring out a routine with them but realize I can figure it out as I go each week and every day. The options are great and have me saying — omg what should I choose for tomorrow?

I’m still squeezing in some runs but they are happening around the classes instead of the classes happening around my runs.

While I’m not tired of running, not at all, I also don’t mind doing other things.

One combo I did find that I loved was running a quick three miles followed by a pilates class. I will try to do that often! It was the perfect balance for me and a great way to start the day.

Here’s a loose look at last week:

  • Monday – Spin
  • Tuesday – Barefoot Sculpt
  • Wednesday – Treadmill Run (3 miles) /Pilates
  • Thursday – Outdoor Run (3 miles)
  • Friday – Pilates
  • Saturday Spin + Barre
  • Sunday – Precision Walk + Pilates

I love the Equinox pilates classes!


I also love the cold eucalyptus towels at Equinox. I take advantage of the towels and use one after each workout.


Barre is still really hard. Granted, I’ve taken it twice, and both times with the same instructor. I have yet to try the other barre classes and from what I’ve heard, the Saturday class is the HARDEST. I’ve been thinking about it since Saturday and don’t think I will take this same barre class next weekend.

Do I even love it? — Of course, I like it, but I don’t know that I love it the way I loved Pure Barre for so many years. I may try a different barre class this week if I get the chance. Otherwise, I prefer barefoot sculpt which is a combo of barre and pilates.

Precision Walk

Yesterday it worked out for me to try the Precision Walk treadmill class where the instructor guides you through about 45 minutes of walking intervals. Yesterday was focused on inclines. It was intense in such a good way. I always say walking is so underrated — walking at steep inclines is especially intense and hard, but just so good for you. The inclines varied from 30 seconds to a minute and ranged all over the place. I hope to do this class again! It was really engaging and a fun way to do something different on the treadmill.


I still haven’t tried the Precision Run class – the times haven’t worked for me yet but I’m hopeful at some point I will make it! I’m really interested in seeing what the running class version on a treadmill is like!

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