Trying All of the Equinox Classes

Last week was my first full week at Equinox. It really does feel great to be back in the gym atmosphere and I’m loving the whole Equinox experience.

My main excitement over joining Equinox is the access to so many great classes!

Last week at Equinox I tried:

  • Barefoot Sculpt
  • One-on-One Pilates
  • Spin
  • Barre

I also ran on the treadmill twice last week, five miles each run.

A couple of notes:

The private pilates using the reformer was SO GOOD. It was great to have personal attention for an hour and have her show me all of the positions/exercises on the reformer. I don’t know that I’m signing up for the private sessions so quickly but I will keep it in the back of my mind because there’s definitely a benefit to having that kind of attention.

Barre was quite humbling. While I haven’t been doing barre as regularly as I once was, you would think it would be “easy” enough for me to jump back into a class. OMG. It was a challenge! In a good way of course — but wow. The instructor started the class by saying, “this class is hard, do the best you can.” She was not kidding! I knew I was in trouble in the opening planks section. I really wondered what it is I do every day for years to feel that challenged in the class but hey, the challenge is a good thing.

Spin, on the other hand, I was able to jump right into and feel great about it. I can see already that spin classes will replace a run or two a week.


I mentioned Barefoot Sculpt in last week’s post. I LOVED that class but it left me sore for a good three days. Hopefully, when I take it this week, my body remembers what is going on and doesn’t get so sore.

I’m still in the process of trying all of the classes and figuring out my weekly workout routine.

Equinox has a really nice app that gives you the full class schedule and the ability to reserve your spot 24 hours in advance. Obviously, it’s an adjustment for me to even think about a class 24 hours in advance but I will figure it out! It’s fun to look at the week and try to see which class I may take when.

Yesterday’s Beach Run

It was such a gorgeous weekend that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to run on the boardwalk, especially with the summer season winding down.

I kept it short and easy (only three miles) as I didn’t want to overdo this run and set myself up with any chance for fatigue to start the week.


As of now, my plan for this week in terms of Equinox classes is:

Monday – Spin

Tuesday – Barefoot Sculpt

Wednesday – Pilates

I haven’t figured things out beyond that but I certainly will as the week goes on. I’m sure I will add another spin and likely a barre class.

Have a great week!

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