Joined Equinox + Workout Apparel + Lunch in City

It’s Friday and I’m off from work today for a three-day weekend. I took off three of the next four Fridays to finish off summer with long weekends and extra beach time!

Lots of great favorites to share from the week so let’s get started.

I Joined Equinox

I guess I’m a gym girl again!

As I started to mention Monday, I decided to join Equinox earlier this week and am really happy about it. It’s not that I was burned out from my workout routine at home between running and Melissa Wood Health, it’s more that I wanted something else BEFORE the boredom/burnout could occur in the coming months of fall/winter.

This morning I have a one-on-one Pilates session which is included for me as a new Equinox member. I will let you know how it goes!

Otherwise so far, I’ve been enjoying the Equinox atmosphere, running on the treadmill, and figuring out which classes I will take on which days. I’ll be adjusting my workout routine to include pilates, yoga, barre, barefoot sculpt, and spinning around my usual running. So very exciting!


New Workout Apparel

In Monday’s post, I mentioned my latest lululemon purchases but need to mention them again. First, the Base Pace leggings really are worth it. It had been a few years since I bought these leggings and I think they have been changed to be even better. I have Align, which I love, but I wear those as everyday leggings, not workout leggings. I tend to try to save money on my running clothes but this time around, I ordered the Base Pace leggings to “try” them again. Once I put them on, I realized why they are so worth the investment. The fit is great and as if you are wearing nothing. I really want to wear them for all of my workouts! Also for me, they fit true to size (which only happens with lululemon pants – tops I have to size up).

Also, if you love the color hot pink, please don’t miss out on lululemon’s options for Sonic Pink workout apparel. I’m thrilled with the sports bra and tank.

From Alo Yoga, I ordered the following on sale:

Alosoft Complete Tank – for yoga/barre/pilates — love the build in shelf bras for these types of workouts

Rib Support Tank – another great one with the built-in shelf bra

Emulate Bra in Neon Pink – I have this sports bra in black for running. It’s so good that I grabbed this one on sale in pink!

Glow Sweatbands – These have become my favorite headbands for running

Lunch In The City

I was in the city for work on Wednesday and had a salad from my favorite vegan lunch spot, Beatnic. I forget which salad this was but it was delicious as always.


I also enjoyed a latte from WeWork where we worked for the day. I’m always so giddy about the free beverage options at WeWork.


Stoney Clover

I’m still over here loving and using my Stoney Clover pouches. And yes of course, I’m thinking about a tote for the gym.


I’m trying not to jump into a new gym bag decision but I am thinking about the Stoney Clover Classic Tote or the Mini Tote.

However, I am also looking at the Metro Tote in hot pink from MZ Wallace BUT may stay basic with this Keep It Dry Packable Tote from Alo Yoga.

I can’t decide yet but at some point, I will!

Have a great weekend

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