“Cut Back” Week + Taking The Stairs + Beach Run

Happy Monday. I’m excited to have a shorter week ahead of me with July 4th weekend on the horizon!

I felt a bit tired at the end of last weekend and wasn’t sure if it was from running so I cut my mileage ever so slightly this past week in an effort to make it better.

My prior week’s runs/mileage was in a pattern of 5, 5, 3, and 7, so I cut this past week to 3, 4, 3, and 6.

It was only a slight difference but I did feel better. I’m not really sure if running a little more is what made me tired last weekend but it definitely didn’t hurt to do a little less!

Workouts From The Week

*All flows/workouts from Melissa Wood Health.

Monday – 3 Mile Run + 10 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

It’s always funny when I go from running seven miles without issue to finding it a mental struggle to complete three miles.

Tuesday – 33 Min Full Body Flow (1 lb weights)

I was in the city today and remain one of the few people who takes the stairs in Penn Station.


Wednesday – 4 Mile Run

I got lucky because the rain stopped in time for me to run outside! It was still gloomy, but not raining.

Thursday – 3 Mile Walk + 19 Min Booty Sculpt (1 lb weights)

Friday – 3 Mile Run

Saturday – 6 Mile Run

It was a hot and sunny one on the boardwalk today. I had a good run but was definitely starting to feel the weather so I stopped at six miles rather than try to continue.


Sunday – 24 Min Flow (ball/band/1 lb weights) + 3 Mile Walk

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