Recent Meals + I’ve Grown Up So Much

This week is flying by!

The weather has been nice which has made for great running weather. I truly love running this time of year and won’t even mind when it gets even hotter! Early sunrises and warm weather are just the best for me as a morning runner.

I have a few recent meals to share today.

While I shared a photo of my Red Mango parfait in Monday’s post, what I didn’t point out was what was in the parfait.

I ordered my usual, the mixed berry parfait with original yogurt but normally, I sub the bananas for dark chocolate chips.

This time, they were out of dark chocolate chips. There was a time when that would have upset me so much that I would have canceled the whole parfait order. This time, however, I said no problem I’ll just have the bananas then.

I’ve grown up so much, don’t you think?


Sushi is becoming a regular in my life again. While I will order and try different rolls, I always come back to spicy tuna naruto and peanut avocado rolls.


My friend and I both had the spicy-sweet peppers in our salads from Chopt and the peppers were so spicy that we couldn’t speak at times while eating. I think I have to stop the spicy peppers in my Chopt order.


I made this simple dinner after work one night when I needed something fast. I love chickpea pasta in sauce and a sprinkle of cheese. So simple and so good.


One more thing for today! I have a few Levain Bakery cookies in my freezer and get excited at night to take one out to have a few bites. The cookies are so big and thick that only a few bites are enough to make me happy.

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