Donut Day + Levain Bakery + Birthday Cake

I have good desserts to share with you today plus a few recent meals. Let’s get started!

Another week, another Chopt salad. This time I had a reward to use so my lunch was basically free.


I had this greek salad for lunch in East Hampton. The little slices of pita bread that come with the salad are shockingly delicious. They are a bit crisp on the outside with a touch of garlic.


I couldn’t wait to stop at Levain Bakery while out east. I picked a chocolate chip walnut cookie to eat instantly and brought home a few more cookies including a dark chocolate chip cookie.


Classic Levain Bakery cookie photo. I say it every time – Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies are THE BEST.


I really like the sushi from Toa lately.


I needed a donut on National Donut Day. I went with a classic chocolate frosted donut from Dunkin donuts with sprinkles.


I brought home a chopped salad and a bagel from Town Bagel after my run on Sunday. While I had half of the bagel with vegetable cream cheese, I didn’t realize how little of the salad I ate until the next day when I had almost a full salad leftover to eat for lunch!


I’m on a CAVA kick lately. It helps that I had a gift card which means I’m now going to CAVA for a bowl vs making dinner at home.


My birthday was over the weekend but I’m not making a big deal this year therefore we aren’t discussing it beyond this slice of chocolate cake.

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