Summer Season Beach Favorites


I didn’t intend to do a whole Friday Favorites post around summer season beach favorites but as I started putting it all together, I noticed a theme.

Can we first please discuss my excitement over using my Stoney Clover x Target beach accessories? The pink-on-pink heart towel, the beautiful beach bag, and the flat pouch made me so incredibly happy while at the beach last weekend.


While you can’t get the Stoney Clover X Target accessories anymore in stores, you can shop for regular Stoney Clover items. A new terry collection launches tomorrow — I will be at the store in the Hamptons first thing to check it out!

In other Friday Favorites summery beach news…

If you can spot my Melissa beach/pool sandals in the above photo, they are hard to get right now. I like this style though from Melissa too — they are pretty and water-resistant. This flower pair in clear are on sale but only a few sizes are left!

Let’s talk hair for a minute. Here’s what I love to use on my hair after a really sweaty run/beach day:

First, Hair Treatment: I use the Olaplex No 3 Hair Repair Perfector as soon as I get home. I leave it in for less time than they recommend, but about ten minutes is just enough time to really do the trick for my hair.

Second, Shampoo/Conditioner: My favorite combos are either Olaplex #4 and #5 or Drunk Elephant Shampoo + Conditioner. I rotate the shampoo/conditioner that I use each time I wash my hair so that I never use the same combo two times in a row.

Third, after Shower Detangling Spray: If I need a little more detangling, I go with Drunk Elephant Wild Marula Tangle Spray

The above combo really leaves my hair soft, easy to comb, and shiny.

Summer Beach Fashion:

I bought some great summer styles from Aerie last week!

This beachy t-shirt is now my go-to beach tee. I ordered another one, that’s how good it is.

This oversized beach weekend sweatshirt in white — you need it.

And these tank tops fit really well! I bought a few in white because they fit me perfectly. Tank tops tend to gap in the straps on me but so far with these tank tops, the straps sit nicely on my shoulders!

I also ordered this cut-out one-piece swimsuit — it didn’t arrive yet so I can’t report on how it fits. I don’t normally wear one-piece swimsuits but with the cutouts, it seems like a compromise.

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