Runners Are Stubborn (weekly workout recap)

I had a very up and down week last week as I was still dealing with a bad cold that went to my sinuses. Every time I thought I was feeling better and ready to return to normal, I would end up feeling worse.

During the time I was sick, I took five covid tests including one at the doctor’s office which were all negative. I guess other viruses still exist!

I’m finally feeling more like myself after a weekend of trying to rest as much as possible.

When I say rest as much as possible, I still ran three miles super easy on Saturday, not to mention some short runs during the week too.

Runners are a stubborn group of people. I am definitely one of those people. However, I feel like I’ve gotten better about backing off my workouts when sick and giving myself a litlte more time to recover before returning to running.

For example, was I absolutely insane to run a half marathon in 2015 two days after a 24-hour virus? Yes, I think I was. But back then, I felt better and just assumed I was fine to run. I would NEVER do that now.

I think as runners with routine miles and regular workout routines, keeping up with what we usually do as soon as we think we feel better helps us to feel normal again.

These days, a lot of my runs are “only three miles.” I’m always able to run “just three miles” so it’s hard for me to distinguish when I still shouldn’t, especially if I’m feeling better.

I didn’t run for a week.

Each time I thought I was better and just at the end of a cold, I still ended up worse. It wasn’t typical for me but thankfully, almost two weeks later now, I think I’m finally better.

Last Week’s Workouts

My runs were at a super easy pace. In fact, as hard as they say running is on the body, I found myself feeling as though running was my better choice in comparison to yoga or pilates. My symptoms were above the chest without a fever but the further into this virus, the forward movement of walking/running felt better for me than the change of position/up and down movement of yoga and pilates poses because of my sinuses.

Monday – 19 Min Powerful Pilates (bodyweight) + 40 Min Walk

I was feeling a bit better this morning but not ready for running just yet.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run + 9 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

I hadn’t run in a week now and I thought I felt better today/as if I was in the end stage of my cold. By afternoon I felt sick all over again with a terrible headache and the overall sick feeling which lasted all night.

Wednesday – Off

I felt like I was recovering from a virus today instead of just recovering from a cold.

Thursday – 3 Mile Run

Better today? Maybe?

Friday – One Hour Walk

Saturday – 3 Mile Run

Better but tired.

Sunday – 20 Min Wake Me Up Flow + Walk

I tried one of my favorite gentle yoga flows today but my head wasn’t really ready for it. I did what I could and then went for a walk.

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  1. Corry says

    Hope you are feeling better soon. The covid rapid tests don’t seem to be picking up this new variant. I know a few people that tested negative daily for up to a week while having covid. Everyone says it feels like a head cold or sinus infection.