Mother’s Day Breakfast + Everything That Affected My Workouts Last Week

I hope you had a nice weekend and Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m happy to report that my son and I went to the Premier Diner for our Mother’s Day breakfast this year. While I’ve had a bad cold over the last few days, I wasn’t missing our breakfast! (I took two covid tests which were negative).

I really wanted the blueberry walnut whole wheat pancakes which includes a side of egg whites plus bananas. It’s never easy for me to choose between these pancakes and the baked oatmeal but this year, I was pretty set with my decision right away.

My son had the baked oatmeal though!


Other than going to the diner in the morning, I changed the plans I had with my mom to spend the rest of the day on the couch (watching Ozark) trying to get my cold to go away. You know you are sick when the day literally passes by and you wonder how it’s suddenly 4:00 PM when it was just 9:00 AM in the morning.

Last Week’s Workouts

Between rainy days, coming down with a bad cold, and my time of the month, my workouts were definitely affected. I only ran once last week and the rest of the days were very low-key. Although, pilates is secretly a true challenge! I really enjoy pilates and find it so peaceful but it definitely gives you a real burn.

I’m hoping to run tomorrow. If not tomorrow, Wednesday for sure. The weather is looking much better for this week – thank goodness! I love that I enjoy walking because even if I don’t feel up for running, walking is always a great, effective option.

Monday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

I ran 6.5 miles yesterday so I wasn’t planning to run today which worked out fine since it was raining this morning. I would have liked to take a walk though!

-21 Min Super Power Yoga/Pilates Flow

-17 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run (cooldown walk + yoga stretching)

Second run in my new pair of Brooks Ghosts. Thankfully all feels right again!

Wednesday – 41 Min Pilates (bodyweight)

Another rainy morning.

Thursday – One Hour Walk

Friday – 45 Min Walk + 14 Min Inner/Outer Thighs (1 lb weights)

I walked before it rained again.

Saturday – 40 Min Pilates (1 lb weights)

Another day of rain.

Sunday – Off

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