Healthy Chinese Food + Other Recent Meals

Before we talk about food today, I should mention to you my running shoe situation which is still a situation.

While I will give the Hokas one more chance, something is telling me that they aren’t going to work out for me.

I’m not sure at this point what will work out for me. A part of me is just waiting for the next Brooks Ghost launch in July but the other part of me really needs a pair of running shoes now. July is a few months from now! What’s even funnier is that a few weeks ago, I briefly considered running this weekend’s Long Island Marathon weekend 10K but thankfully I dropped that idea — I don’t even have running shoes I trust right now!

Anyway, I will keep you posted about which shoes are next, should it come to that.

Recent Meals

I have two lunches and four dinners to share today!

I’ve been making a salad for lunch literally every day during the week while I’m working and haven’t deviated from this plan in months.

The ingredients in my salad lately are basically the same:

  • Romaine
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Chickpeas
  • Onion
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Avocado
  • Vegan Dill Dressing


My lunch weekend salad is made by Chopt.

Chopt salad

It had been a long time since I last had Mogu for dinner. Mogu is known for their “healthy Chinese food” and it’s really very good!

I had a vegetable egg roll (which is air fried) and instead of my usual vegetable dumplings, I tried their relatively new Impossible dumplings which are made with Impossible plant-based “beef”.

I also tried Mogu’s brussels sprouts for the first time too. With brown rice, this was a really delicious dinner.

mogu Chinese

I had some leftovers of the brussels sprouts and brown rice plus two of the mildly spicy dumplings so I reheated it all in a pan the next night for dinner with the addition of cauliflower and a fried egg on top.

It’s really not like me to eat eggs but I had a new carton of organic eggs in the house for my son so I figured why not. Seemed like a good dinner idea.

leftover Chinese

I had to go to the post office Monday late in the day which naturally meant I would walk into Villa Monte for a slice of whole wheat vegetable pizza to bring home for dinner.

vegetable pizza

It’s always funny how I go to Trader Joe’s every week and still wonder what I should eat for dinner. I’m so basic that I never buy anything all that different or even desire anything too different.

Sometimes I do vary my beans like in this salad, for example. I used white cannellini beans instead of chickpeas and also varied my potato choice by going with roasted white potatoes instead of sweet potatoes or a traditional baked potato.

White potatoes roast really well when diced up and put in the oven!

salad and potatoes


In case you missed the latest Stoney Clover launch, there are some really nice items available in the Pastel Collection.

Let me know what you select!


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