I Don’t Have A Runner’s Appetite (weekly workout recap)

I don’t have a runner’s appetite. At least not anymore, that is.

This is not really a new revelation but one I re-realized (is re-realized a word? It should be) after eating more than usual on Tuesday while in the city and running the next morning.

My first mile on Wednesday was 30 seconds faster than average without trying. I didn’t even notice in the warm-up that I was moving any quicker but when I heard the time, I immediately realized why and how it happened- yesterday’s pizza, garlic bread, chocolate cake, and Levain cookie.

garlic bread

It’s like this-

I totally eat a nicely balanced, nutrient-dense diet and enough for my needs BUT I do not eat a runner’s appetite worth of food anymore.

There were times in the past when I ran longer distances and felt like a bottomless pit. When one slice of pizza was nowhere near enough for a meal. When I would finish my oatmeal in the morning and look for more food.

There were plenty of hungry days and cravings, needing to always have a snack on me, wondering what I should eat the night before a run, and planning what to eat at all times so I had energy overall to run various distances.

Oh, and the hydration. I was always looking for watermelon!

The increase in appetite was driven by the high mileage weeks of workouts I was running.

My life is not like that anymore.

Nowadays, I just eat my meals, which are much smaller, and that’s it. No real planning or thinking beyond what I’m in the mood to eat. If anything, I’m what I would call a dainty eater. I don’t need much to fill me and can’t overeat because then I feel too full.

I’m still able to run whenever I feel like it but that extra dose of garlic bread, more pizza for lunch than I would usually eat combined with delicious desserts the other day? Well, that was more my former runner’s appetite eating for me and yes, I noticed the difference in my pace.

So what does this all mean?

Nothing much really for me. I am not looking to change how I intuitively eat these days. I’m happy to just run and not care about pace. I like that what I eat satisfies me and I enjoy not feeling like a slave to my appetite.

However, as the spring and summer running season approaches, I will remember to eat a little more the day before my beach runs and pay attention to my hydration.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you are trying to improve your running endurance and ability to go faster, please make sure you are eating enough. What you eat DOES affect your ability to run. You will not see improvements (not for long anyway) without a proper diet that focuses on enough calories and nutrition to meet your needs.

It’s hard for me to remember all of the posts I used to write on the topic of nutrition and running — but I KNOW that I wrote them.

I found this post — Finding Balance Between Our Diets and Workouts – check it out if the topic is of interest to you!

Last Week’s Workouts

The weather was warmer and a bit nicer than it has been so I was outside much more!

Monday – 3 Mile Run

Tuesday – 3 Mile Walk

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run

Thursday – 19 Min Full Body Power Flow (1 lb weights) + 35 Min Walk

Friday – One Hour Walk

Saturday – 5 Mile Run

Sunday – 26 Min Elevated Yoga/Pilates Flow + One Hour Walk


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