Stoney Clover Favorites: The Stoney Clover Pouches (and Tote) I Used To Travel

I’m very excited to share the Stoney Clover products that I used for my quick trip to Florida!

Stoney Clover is a total obsession, I know that very well, but it’s a good one. There’s nothing better than being organized and enjoying how you organize your things!

Let’s jump right into the Stoney Clover products that I used to travel.

Mini Pouch

Okay, up first is my mini plane pouch in periwinkle. The mini pouch is good for holding all of your chargers, AirPods, and anything else you may need to easily reach when traveling.

I had this mini pouch designed specifically for travel right before the pandemic and never had the opportunity to use it until now.

Plane patch on the front.

Stoney Clover plane pouch

The city patch on the back.

Stoney Clover plane patch

I shared this photo from landing last week — it’s exactly why my travel pouch has the city on back as the symbol for coming back home. 🙂

New York City

Stoney Clover Terry Tote

I’m SO GLAD that I bought this pink Stoney Clover terry tote last summer for the beach, pool, and anytime summer use.

Stoney Clover Terry tote

This terry tote is not available right now but I am sure they will bring back a version of it this summer. It’s the perfect mix of style and functionality.

While I didn’t add a patch yet to the tote, there’s still time to do that. I just haven’t made any decisions yet on what to put on the front.

It’s SO BIG yet doesn’t feel so big, can go in the wash, and the inside is a nice wipeable material. Oh, and packing it is easy because it can lay flat in a suitcase or fold – however you want to do it.

Stoney Clover

Stoney Clover Travel Pouch

I have a few clear Stoney Clover travel pouches but chose to use my travel pouch with the SUN flamingo shell letters for this trip.

And I used this pouch so much while away! It’s normally reserved for the beach or pool but I ended up throwing my wallet inside and carrying it around with me quite often in place of a purse.


Stoney Clover Small Pouches

I designated this sky blue small pouch as my makeup pouch when I travel.

I’m such a pink person but the sky blue from Stoney Clover is so striking to me.

Stoney Clover small pouch

The small pouch really holds so much. Usually, I keep my makeup brushes separate but this time I packed it all together and had no problem with fitting everything inside the small pouch.

Stoney Clover small

My first ever Stoney Clover small pouch is still my pouch designated for skincare. I like that the material is completely wipeable so I’m not thinking about spilling any liquids.

Stoney Clover small pouch

Stoney Clover small pouch

In my tote for the plane was another small pouch that had snacks and random things and oh, wearing the fanny pack for the airport and plane was absolutely perfect. It made life so much easier when I needed to grab my license, quickly pull my phone in and out, and easily reach my lip balm.

I would now never fly without wearing a fanny pack. It really made that much of a difference for me.

Stoney Clover

In total, I used:

  • 3 small pouches
  • 1 travel pouch
  • 1 mini pouch
  • fanny pack
  • (terry tote)

Stoney Clover pouches

One thing I didn’t use, which is perfect for travel, is the classic tote.  Believe it or not, I still don’t have one! In the process of trying to design a tote a couple of years ago, I ended up with this Longchamp La Pliage tote which I now use for travel instead. I can’t imagine that I won’t get a tote at some point (maybe the mini tote version?) but for now, I feel like what I used for my trip to Florida was good and really functional.

I will admit that it sometimes bothers me when I don’t use all matching pouches. While I do have a few Stoney Clover items in the sky colorway and have the sparkling champagne duffle to match the above MERI pouch (and a mini to match too), I never made what I could call a “complete set”.  Maybe one day I will pick a large pouch in sparkling champagne or choose more sky pouches and a tote and make myself “the set” I envision. To be honest though, even with a matchy-matchy set, I would still use other pouches from my collection because they match something else that I’m using.

Oh, the struggles.

If anyone has any questions about which Stoney Products to get or how to design them, please feel free to ask! I’m always happy to discuss and assist.

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