Hi From Florida (last week’s workouts)

I want to be all like HI FROM FLORIDA! but I feel a level of guilt being excited over warm weather and sunshine considering what is taking place in Ukraine.

On a basic human level, it’s absolutely horrible to watch what is going on and feel afraid for the people. It feels even worse for me as my company has an office in Kyiv. I know the people first hand (without actually meeting in person) so I keep checking in with them to see how they are doing. My company is doing everything they can to help them but ugh — this is all so terrible.

I really hope a peaceful resolution is reached as soon as possible.

So yes, I am in Florida and the weather is gorgeous.

I wasn’t able to log into the Wifi yesterday but I figured it out for today so I wanted to check in and share my workouts from last week.

florida beach

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – 5 Miles

I was off today so it was really nice to run later and a little longer than I normally do these days on a weekday.

Tuesday – 18 Min Power Pilates + 45 Min Walk

Wednesday – 4 Miles

I don’t remember much about this run other than it happened, which made me happy.

Thursday – 33 Min Power Yoga/Pilates Flow (1 lb weights + resistance band)

Friday – 45 Min Peloton Barre + 10 Min Abs

This Peloton Barre workout was just okay. I felt like I could use the extra ab workout from Melissa Wood Health. I love her flows so much that it definitely completed the workout for me!

Saturday – 5 Miles

It was oh, 23 or so degrees for this run but I really wanted to run before going away for a few days.

Sunday – Off

I did NOT bring my running shoes away with me. While I have my “fashion sneakers” should I want to take a walk, I just don’t see the need to run while in Florida. I can do Melissa Wood Health workouts from the hotel or use the hotel gym for other purposes. There are also yoga classes available where I am staying – which do not require my running shoes. 🙂

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