Last Week’s Workouts

I’m so happy to be off from work today!

Listen, I really like my job but there’s no denying that the extra day off makes such a difference to the weekend.

Anyway, here’s a quick look at last week’s workouts. Nothing overly exciting to report but at least the workouts happened! The weather has been so up and down — I’m more than ready to head to Florida…and for spring to arrive shortly!

Monday – 42 Min Yoga Pilates Flow (1 lb weights + resistance band)

Tuesday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

I woke up with my period which I knew would happen. I wanted to take a walk today but it was around 15 degrees so there went that idea!

Something gentle yet effective was perfect for today.

  • 23 Min Standing Series
  • 17 Min Arms Flow (1 lb weights)

Wednesday – 3.5 Mile Walk

I wasn’t ready to run today (still feeling a bit blah this morning from my time of the month) so a morning walk was perfect. It was still cold but a little more bearable today.

As seen on my walk…


Thursday – 4 Miles 

Ready to run this morning! It was warmer (close to 50 I think?) so I didn’t need a hat or gloves.

Friday – 38 Min Yoga Pilates Flow (bodyweight)

Rain and wind today so no going outside for me.

Saturday – 5 Miles 

It was sunny but cold and windy although the bright sun made it all okay for me. I wore my Pro Compression socks mainly to make sure that the gap between the bottom of my leggings and my socks was covered.

I did forget how much I like running in these socks though!

pro compression

Sunday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

Another very cold morning so I stayed indoors with this combo:

  • 23 Min Yoga
  • 20 Min Abs + Booty (1 lb weights)


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