Doing What I Like (weekly workout recap)

A few notes before getting to last week’s workouts:

– My son makes fun of me for using 1 lb weights for pilates and 3lb weights for other workouts. He likes to tell me that he sees women in the gym using heavier weights. And I like to tell him – that’s nice for them, that’s not for me.

I have never been a heavy weight lifter and as of this moment, I never intend to be. Everyone has their workout style and preferences. Find what works for you and makes you happy. I like to run, I have always liked barre workouts (which involves small muscle movements and light weights!), and I LOVE yoga and pilates.

I never liked the concept of cross-fit, I never liked lifting weights, and I never wanted to lift heavy weights. And, I do not have to do anything I do not like to do! So there.

– I ran outside three times last week for a total of around 11 or so miles. That total used to be the low end of my Saturday long run mileage. Funny how things change, right?

-It was 60 degrees on Saturday and snowing by Sunday morning. While we aren’t out of the winter just yet, I’m feeling a glimpse of spring and getting excited. I may run less than I used to years ago but I still love to run and can’t wait for my runs on the boardwalk in the warm weather.

Really miss the hazy summer sun.

Long Beach

Monday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

Raining this morning so I combined two workouts from Melissa Wood Health

  • 29 Min Advanced Pilates — new workout listed today, definitely more challenging but certainly doable
  • 12 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run (easy – outside!)

I was so happy to see puddles on the ground while running – it was a reminder that the temperature was above freezing!

Wednesday – 18 Min Full Body Power Series (1 lb weights) + 45 Min Walk

My son may make fun of me for using 1 lb weights but I would love to see some of those heavier weight lifters try this pilates workout. It takes serious balance — a 1 lb weight on your ankle is not as light as it sounds.

Melissa wood health pilates

screenshot from Melissa Wood Health

Thursday – 35 Min Run (easy – outside)

After hitting three miles and then the 30-minute mark, I continued for another five minutes for a total of 35 minutes.

Friday – 20 Min Peloton Pop Barre (3 lb weights) + 45 Min Walk

This barre workout was just fine — nothing special but I appreciate it for the music, change of routine, and for being something different.

Saturday – 5 Miles (easy – outside)

I knew I would be running today because the morning temperature was in the low 50’s! With snow in the forecast tomorrow, I made sure to really enjoy this run.

The first mile felt blah but I knew once I got past it, things would feel better. Even though this was just an easy run, I was correct in thinking that after the first mile, I would find my groove.

Sunday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

Do you know that feeling when your workout just syncs, things really click, and you feel great? That was today’s combo for me.

  • 22 Min Power Yoga
  • 24 Min Spicy Inner/Outer Thigh + Booty (1 lb weights)
  • 12 Min Power Abs (1 lb weights)


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