Recent Meals and a Cupcake

Starting today’s post with dessert!

I had this giant chocolate fudge cupcake over the weekend and it was as good as it looks.


I also had this bowl of Banza mac and cheese with roasted broccoli. Sometimes the simplest meals are the best meals.

banza Mac cheese

Obviously, I had a Chopt salad in the last few days. I just reorder the same salad over and over again using the Chopt app.


Here’s my usual whole wheat margarita pizza with a salad. I really don’t think there’s a better quick dinner idea.

whole wheat margarita pizza

This vegetarian bowl from Maoz was SO GOOD. At the bottom of the bowl was hummus. I mixed everything up to get the hummus out from under everything.


So Trader Joe’s has frozen broccoli back in stock again but the raisin Ezekiel bread is still missing. What gives?!

Also missing from the shelves recently is my favorite Ginger Turmeric tea  — I went twice in the last week looking for it and it’s not there. I sure hope it’s back soon. I can’t imagine they are not going to carry it anymore?!

giner turmeric tea


Recipe Flashback: I once tried and shared a recipe for baked falafel! I didn’t remember this post or this recipe until I saw it again and now I want to make it again!

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