Blizzard Weekend + Peloton App (weekly workout recap)

Who else had the blizzard over the weekend?


It was quite pretty outside my window although the wind was certainly fierce. We ended up with close to two feet of snow (!!) and it’s been very cold too. The good news is that it should warm up this week.

Even though I couldn’t run or walk outside this past weekend, I still have good workouts to report from the week.

Also! I finally tried out the Peloton App for workouts! I have free access to the Peloton App through my health insurance so I downloaded it recently to try their versions of Barre, maybe Yoga, HIIT, and soon, I will remember to do the running workouts. I keep forgetting that I have the Peloton app but now that I started using it, I will remember to pick a workout for one of my runs!

I really like how organized the menu is and the filtering features are in-depth and easy to follow.

peloton app

As a quick flashback post, I remember doing a write-up about my first time trying a Peloton Bike a few years ago. That was back when Peloton was first becoming a thing.

Workouts From Last Week:

Monday – 22 Min Wake Me Up Flow + 30 Min Walk

Well, I thought that I would run outside this morning but then I saw that it was lightly snowing. I quickly changed plans and went with a flow plus a walk. I can walk in very light snow but didn’t want to run because it would be slippery.


Tuesday – 3 Miles (outside)

It was “warm” today so I made sure to run this morning! I think it was around freezing.

Wednesday – 1 Hour Walk (outside)

Thursday – 40 Min Yoga Pilates Flow (1 lb weights + resistance band)

Friday – 1 Hour Walk (outside)

I don’t know why I chose to walk today instead of a run but it’s what I felt like doing, so I did it.

Saturday – 10 Min HIIT Cardio + 45 Min Barre

Blizzard this morning!

Today was my first time doing the Peloton App workouts. So far, so good! My only complaint would be that there are no advanced barre workouts and only two intermediate on the menu.

I really liked the 45-minute barre workout from Peloton and would love to do more. I did, however, notice that the rest of the Peloton App barre workouts were not categorized by difficulty so I will play around to see if there are other ones that I like. While beginners classes may be okay, sometimes they are too beginner for me when it comes to barre.

peloton app

Sunday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

  • 23 Min Yoga
  • 18 Min Power Pilates (bodyweight)

I was a bit sore from yesterday’s workouts so this combo was perfect. I also went outside to shovel around my car. Shoveling totally counts as a workout!


Depending upon where I stood, the snow went up my boots or close to my knees. Also, I love these North Face boots and these Alo Yoga socks are the BEST.

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