Booster Shot + Running Mood (weekly workout recap)

Last week was short yet a long one!

Some notes before getting to my workouts:

Booster Shot: I got my booster shot last Sunday. It wasn’t too bad but I did take off on Monday from any type of workout.

Running Mood: My mood for running returned after a week of not really feeling like it. Did my lack of interest in running have anything to do with PMS? It’s definitely possible. I like to blame the cold but PMS could have played a role too. Although for me, the whole exercise according to your cycle doesn’t always correlate. Therefore, I’ll continue to just go with how I feel on any given day.

Treadmill: I ran twice on the treadmill! This is such a big deal because there’s always the chance that I need a mask on if other people are in my gym at the same time.

It’s worth noting that I always warm up on the treadmill with my easy run on the treadmill workout — I really think that this is the best workout I’ve ever created. It’s easy to follow and always gets me moving and ready to go faster.

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday – Off

I wasn’t as sick as others report from these vaccines but I definitely felt something. I was tired, had a slight headache in my sleep, and just felt like I had been sick. There was an internal soreness but not real body aches. Just that feeling of I was pretty sick a day or so ago and now I’m recovering.

I’m glad I was off from work today and able to rest!

Tuesday – 38 Min Yoga/Pilates Flow + Quick Walk

I’m better today but not 100%. I also know my period is due tomorrow so that’s adding to the bleh feeling for sure.

Wednesday – 3 Miles (outside)

I woke up with my period but felt like running, so I did! And it worked out too – today was the warmest it would be for the next several days. Plus, there was no wind! So while it was still cold (in the 20’s), I knew I couldn’t complain.

Thursday – 40 Min Pilates (bodyweight)

Rain this morning so pilates fit in nicely.

Melissa wood health pilates

screenshot from Melissa Wood Health pilates

Friday – 30 Min Treadmill Run

I was so annoyed when I started the treadmill and other people walked into the gym. I was hoping to not need to run with a mask on my face! Ugh.

I ran 30 minutes (3.4 miles) and then walked a cooldown on an incline to hit 35 minutes total.

Saturday – 30 Min Treadmill Run + 12 Min Power Abs

I got lucky today – no one else was in the gym with me!

I ran a bit faster than yesterday, finishing 3.5 miles in 30 minutes, and then added a cool down for 10 minutes with an incline walk.

Also, the power abs workout is so much more full-body than solely focused on abs.

Melissa wood health power abs

Melissa Wood Health Power Abs

Sunday – 30 Min Barre3 + 30 Min Walk

The weather this morning and for the coming week is slightly warmer than last week. Hopefully, it means a little bit more time outside for a run or a walk!

New York weather



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