Top Favorites From 2021

I don’t really know where the year went. Do you?

The months feel like a quick blur although November seems forever ago and spring is a far off memory.

I took a look back on the year to round up some of my top favorites in 2021 in all of the important categories. While I’m sure that I’m missing something, I did include the important stuff like desserts and Stoney Clover!

Favorite Food in 2021:

Do I have to pick just one? How about I pick two favorite foods?

If I stop to think about favorite foods, my mind goes quickly to dessert.

First, Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies. They are definitely the BEST.

levain bakery

2021 was the year I decided that I actually like and enjoy chocolate buttercream – when it’s done right. While I’m usually a chocolate fudge fan, Magnolia Bakery really makes an incredible buttercream that has me choosing it over fudge frosted cupcakes.

magnolia bakery chocolate cupcake

Just one more favorite food! I was so happy to go out for our Mother’s Day breakfast tradition after not being able to do so in 2020.

Nothing beats baked oatmeal!

baked oatmeal

Favorite Stoney Clover Purchase in 2021:

Another tough one to narrow down! How about my Stoney Clover notebook? 

stoney clover notebook

2021 became the year when I chose Stoney Clover’s sky blue colorway as my favorite. It’s just so pretty.

stoney clover small pouch

Okay but using my Stoney Clover duffle in the sparkling cider colorway for the first time was pretty exciting this year too. It’s VERY HARD to pick just one favorite Stoney Clover color!

stoney clover duffle


Favorite Running Gear Find in 2021:

Absolutely the Alo Yoga Hooded Runner Long Sleeve Top.This top totally rivals lululemon’s Run Swiftly only it is stretchier and has a hood.

Side note: Beyond Yoga Space Dye Leggings and Cropped Tanks became my go-to everyday outfits in 2021.


Melissa Wood Health:

2021 became the year that I switched from Pure Barre to yoga and pilates with Melissa Wood Health. I really can’t say enough great things about her and her platform.

Although I credit Pure Barre for building my core strength and ability for pilates, Melissa’s workouts take things up a notch in such a pleasant, more effective way.

Melissa wood health pilates

Favorite Beauty Find in 2021:

Obviously, it’s not easy for someone like me to pick just one favorite beauty product given how many I use in a day and how many I try in a year.


Tatcha’s Kissu Lip Mask made it to the top of my must-have beauty essentials list this year. If you haven’t tried it yet, YOU MUST.

Favorite Splurge Purchases in 2021:

These sandals and these sneakers. I never regret a splurge purchase because I know exactly what I’m doing — I’m investing in my style. I pick classics that I know I will wear not only now, but in 20 years too. And if anything, in 20 years, I can decide to sell the item and still make back the money.

I much prefer to spend top dollar on what I really want than to spend less, not love it, and then buy something else because I didn’t get it right the first time.

Favorite Moments in 2021:

It’s hard to believe my son graduated from high school and started college (with full scholarship – so proud!) this year. I don’t even understand how time went so fast over the years yet the fact that graduation was six months ago seems so far away!

This Edible Arrangement from graduation was definitely a winner.

edible arrangements

I’m not usually the type to rank work moments in a top favorites list but honestly, it was so great to see my work family in person again this year! November was extra fun because a bunch of people were in town so we spent a few days together in the city both in the office and out for fun dinners. It was a really fun staycation.

New York City

I barely remember my beach runs this year but I know that I loved them — summer was tough because I was so focused on getting my son ready for college (and waiting for my long-distance relationship not to be long-distance) that everything else seemed to happen all blended together without me noticing.

I really can’t wait to get through winter and back to the summer months! Give me all the summer heat, sweat, and humidity for running over the dark, cold, and snowy winter months.

Long Beach

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Happy New Year! See you in 2022!

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