Take The Stairs (weekly workout recap)

Last week was a busy one!

It’s definitely not always easy to get myself moving or outside in the morning before the work day begins but I’m always happy when I do. I even saw a rainbow one morning which was pretty rare for me to see when running.


I ran four days last week (!!) which only happened because I chose to run both Saturday and Sunday. While I know it won’t happen every week, when the weather cooperates this time of year it’s smart for me to take advantage on the weekends. Weekends are so much easier on my get-out-the-door-in-the-cold motivation than weekdays – obviously, right?

Monday – 37 Min Yoga/Pilates Flow

I knew that I needed a yoga flow to get me back into the work week after being off for Thanksgiving (and sick).

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run

It’s that time of year when I drag myself outside in the cold to run, knowing it takes a mile to feel warmed up and into it.

Wednesday – 35 Min Power Pilates (1 lb weights + resistance band)

I laughed to myself when I realized I was in the minority for taking the stairs instead of the escalator out of Penn Station. I always choose the stairs when I can! People can be so lazy…

Article of interest: 6 Reasons To Take The Stairs 


Thursday – 4 Mile Run

See what I mean, I always choose the stairs. This was my first time at the new UBS Arena for an Islanders game. There are lots of stairs (and escalators) at the entrance. Reminds me of Citi Field.


Friday – 37 Yoga/Pilates Flow (bodyweight)

I was tired from last night’s Islanders game but still made sure to pick a flow from Melissa Wood Health before starting my work day.

Saturday – 6 Mile Run

Sunday – 3 Mile Run

The sun was shining, I wasn’t in a hurry, and the temperature was around 40 degrees. How could I pass up running today?



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