Not The Workout Week I Planned (weekly workout recap)

Last week was not the week I had in mind. I was so excited initially for the holiday week – Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, being off from work, Islanders games, and most especially, to run on Thanksgiving morning.

Everything changed when I suddenly found myself sick with a bad cold. It was definitely not the workout week or holiday week I had planned!

I love to run Thanksgiving morning. I had even looked ahead at the forecast days in advance to see perfect conditions coming up – sunny, little wind, not too cold.

But what can do you — nothing. These things happen. Thankfully I didn’t have COVID (I was tested). And while it’s not fun to be sick during a holiday, at least I was already off from work and able to rest (and watch a lot of Netflix).

I spent a good part of the last several days eating matzoh ball soup and was able to run a few miles again on the weekend.

matzoh ball soup

Quick Note: I took advantage of the holiday deal Melissa Wood Health was running to save 20% off a yearly subscription. I’ve been using her platform since early this year and as you likely can tell, I LOVE IT. I don’t know when the deal expires but I definitely recommend signing up – at least for the free trial.

Monday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

It was raining today so I went with this combination:

  • 5 Min Dancing Sock Series – don’t underestimate what five minutes can do!
  • 40 Min Pilates (1 lb weights) – this was killer for me today

Tuesday – 4 Miles

I think today was the coldest morning yet (right around freezing) for running but I warmed up quickly.

Wednesday – 24 Min Pilates (1 lb weights, ball, band)

I started to realize after this quick pilates flow that I was indeed getting sick.

Thursday – Rest

First time ever in my life to be sick on Thanksgiving!

Friday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

I felt a bit better this morning but it was raining outside — I wouldn’t have run yet but I would have liked to take a walk!

  • 15 Min Abs-Focused Flow
  • 17 Min Arms (1 lb weights)
  • 15 Min Inner/Outer Thighs (resistance band)

Saturday – 3 Miles

It was cold and blustery but I didn’t really notice because I had been cooped up in the house for a few days  – the fresh air felt nice.

I’ve learned over the years that running while having a cold does not help me. In fact, I tend to think it prolongs cold symptoms. However, I chose to run three miles today because I felt better AND because I wanted the running to help loosen up my congestion. If anything, I find that running with a cold can make congestion symptoms worse in that it usually leaves me blowing my nose more, rather than less, for a longer duration of time. In this current cold situation, I would happily blow my nose over feeling stuffy without being able to blow my nose.

Anyway, the run felt nice and it did help my nose loosen up a little bit. Not much, but a little bit.

Sunday – 3 Miles

It was snowing when I stepped outside to run today (!!) but just flurries so not a big deal. Although, this is how I know I’m still a runner. Most people see snow and don’t consider running, if anything, they hide indoors until it stops. Runners are still outside, regardless.

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