Recent Meals On A Friday

Is it okay to share recent meals on a Friday instead of Wednesday?!

There’s no particular order here to what I’ve been eating. Just a quick round-up of what’s been on my plate.

Here’s another big salad bowl from CAVA! I usually stop into CAVA once a week.

I will definitely give them credit for loading my bowl so nicely with all of the toppings and choices I make while walking down the cafeteria line to build my order.


Have we discussed that I like this chickpea pasta slightly better than Banza? While I do like Banza and still buy it, I try to get this version from Whole Foods instead. There’s something about it that is ever so slightly better in my opinion.

Whole Foods 365 chickpea pasta

i had this slice from vegetable pizza one night when Mario’s was OUT of my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza. Also, we won’t discuss the rising cost of pizza. Nope, not even going there. It’s actually embarassing what I pay for a slice of pizza right now.

vegetable pizza

Once I like something, I tend to order it again and again. I had the Magic Mushroom salad again from Beatnic while working n the city this week. It’s so good.

The menu is 100% vegan with a lot of fun options. I should try their version of chicken nuggets next time. I did taste the air-baked fries with beet-styled ketchup. Very tasty!


I had a big plan while in the city to grab a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery but it didn’t happen this week. Trust me when I say, it will happen next time.

I did have this chocolate cupcake from Cake Don Cupcakes recently. It was good, nothing original or spectacular.


My new favorite go-to dinner lately is a basic salad and baked sweet potato. I’m not sure how I fell into this delicious habit but it has been making me very happy come dinner time.

I go through phases with potatoes. Either I don’t eat them for a while, or I only eat regular potatoes, or I only eat sweet potatoes when I roast them in wedges. Right now, I only want a baked sweet potato as it really hits the spot for me.

salad and sweet potato

blurry picture but you get the idea!

Oh, and I also went back to eating this three-layer hummus from Trader Joe’s. It was a favorite of mine and then I stopped buying it for months. I’m happy to be back to it!

trader joes three layer hummus

Since it’s Friday, I have a quick favorite to share — Stoney Clover’s collaboration with Roller Rabbit is live on their website. The hearts and rainbows are everything to me! I really want the large pouch.

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