What I Think Of Taking A lot Of Pictures (plus a few recent meals)

Suddenly it’s Wednesday again and as I’m looking to put together today’s post about what I’ve been eating lately, I realize that I only have two pictures of recent meals to share.

How can that be? Well, I guess it makes sense. I’m not very good at capturing pictures of what I eat or what I do anymore. I haven’t been very good at it for a few years and at times, it’s worse than others.

Living without thinking about where my phone is to take a picture is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s in line with who I am and how I feel about social media culture. I’m not the type who takes multiple selfies a day. Actually, I don’t take any selfies or plan to pose for photos to share a bazillion pictures of myself doing normal life things.

I think that this over photographed culture is extremely disruptive to mental health – be it taking selfies (where you over-see yourself which leads to people hyper-focusing on every nook and cranny of their face and body causing even very young people to turn to botox, filler, and other treatments) or pictures of the food we eat.

Now obviously not taking pictures can be an issue for a blogger, especially when I’m over here trying to show you what I have been eating. But as a blogger, I’m a writer first. This blog was never about the photos, it was about the words.

Anyway, for sure, a post about food should involve some photographs and I should be able to do better about capturing a few more meals for next week. But at least now you get a little glimpse into my opinion of the over-photographed world we are living in at the moment.

So my aunt sent me home with leftovers from Shabbat dinner which included roasted vegetables and various salad ingredients. Oh, and now my freezer is also filled with matzoh ball soup.

I used the roasted vegetables and other ingredients she gave me to make delicious salads for lunch. Each salad looked a lot like this salad below.


I picked up a nice big vegetarian bowl from CAVA one day when I was really hungry and didn’t want anything that was in the house to eat. My opinion of CAVA still stands in that it’s not the “OMG best” but it’s really good AND they fill the bowl nicely.


What else have I been eating?

We brought in dinner from Mother Kelly’s one night. I had the hot-cold salad and garlic knots.

I made my new favorite easy recipe of vegan cacciatore again on Sunday. It’s so good, please try making it.

As for pizza, I don’t think I’ve had a slice since last week’s pizza in the city post. I’m due for my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza any day now and I’ll be in the city for a few days next week so I’m sure somewhere during that time, I will have pizza.

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    This post hit so hard. I feel like lately I’ve been rebelling against the whole taking pictures of everything thing. It once felt good and fun and right, and now it just feels like a chore or something that takes away from the moment more often than not. It’s frustrating to think part of blogging “should” be picture taking (and usually pictures of a specific level of quality) even though really we all mostly get into this because we love writing 🙂
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…Some musings on creativity, fulfillment, and living an authentic lifeMy Profile

    • says

      I totally understand! I’m a writer, not a photographer, and certainly not a social media personality! It’s a tough one because so much is driven by what you post on social media but you just have to stay true to yourself and do what feels right for you. hope all is well!