Lighter Week of Workouts (weekly workout recap)

It’s not like I have such strenuous workout weeks these days but last week was a bit lighter in intensity than usual. Two runs, walking, and yoga/pilates mostly using own body weight rather than adding 1 lb weights.

Quick recap below!

fall running

Monday – 38 Min Yoga/Pilates Flow 

Tuesday – 45 Min Walk

It was the coldest morning so far which I think played a role in me covering over three miles during this 45-minute walk.

Wednesday – 4 Mile Run

I would call this a mostly easy run but I did throw in some fartleks for the middle miles.

Thursday – 30 Min Elevated Pilates + 35 Min Walk

Friday – 12 Min Power Arms (1 lb weights) + 3 Mile Walk

Saturday – 5 Mile Run (easy) + 14 Min Stretching Yoga Flow

Sunday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

  • 23 Min Yoga
  • 22 Min Power Pilates
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