Pizza in the City


Today is just a quick post featuring pizza. A lot of pizza.

I was in the city both Monday and Tuesday to work from the office for a change. The city is slowly getting back to what I would call normal so it’s nice to be there again! Especially this week – the weather was super fall-like which made walking around extra nice.


A bunch of us were in the office on Monday so we ordered pizza and salads for lunch. We kept saying how weird it was to be sitting with each other rather than messaging each other all day on Skype.


Obviously I went with the broccoli pizza. And a salad. We all know that pizza and salad is my favorite combination!


I had made the vegan cacciatore recipe that I spoke about last week on Sunday which I knew would be perfect for leftovers during the week.

After the crazy traffic leaving the city on Monday, dinner was ready for me in two minutes when I got home.

vegan cacciatore

So yesterday I worked from home in the morning and then went to the city for the afternoon. This was a very smart decision because the traffic was super light which meant I was in the office in no time.

I stayed a little later to hang with my work friend who is in town from California. As we walked around trying to decide where to get a quick dinner, it should be no surprise that we ended up with pizza.

rosas pizza

With all of this pizza eating, it’s reminding me that I really need to get back to my pizza tour. Remember when that was started before the pandemic? I’m still waiting for us to restart it but we have our list of top pizza places in the city to try with the hope to resume this winter.

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