Must Be Fall (weekly workout recap)

The sun is rising later and the leaves are on the ground — it must really be Fall!


I’m not opposed to this time of year (in fact, it used to be my favorite season before summer moved to the top spot) but I do struggle a bit more with instant energy levels first thing in the morning. While I don’t deviate from my regular workout routine (never), I am lenient with what I do and totally go by my mood on any given day.

This is not very different from how I approach the rest of the year. However, it’s definitely more noticeable for me during the fall and winter months. All I can think about lately is how grateful I am to have learned to be happy with running less.

I think I say this often but it’s so worth repeating again and again because it means so much to me. It’s been almost four years since I drastically changed my higher mileage workout routine and I’m still so happy about it. I really look forward to the running that I do but it doesn’t have to be my first choice. This makes life a lot easier. I cannot imagine still running so much – the mental and physical energy that would take right now seems so beyond me, and so not necessary.

I can’t say enough about the value I’ve found in a good walk or yoga/pilates flow. Sweating is not necessary for a quality workout.

It’s quite interesting, actually, to consider how this blog has evolved. I was that higher mileage runner who ran a bunch of races for a few years there. And then that changed. But isn’t that normal? I see conversations about how some runners don’t seem to evolve – that isn’t exactly normal, right? We are supposed to evolve and change. So while it can be nice to see runners who keep up their routines endlessly, I think it’s also important to see people who evolve with life and change routines naturally as life changes, rather than watch someone change because injury forced it on them.

Monday – 18 Min Yoga Flow + 3 Mile Walk

Tuesday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Walk

I started out not really sure if I was in the mood to run but then picked up my pace nicely.

Wednesday – 33 Min Power Yoga/Pilates (1 lb weights/band) + 30 Min Walk

Thursday – 30 Min Run (easy) + 11 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Friday – 3 Mile Walk + 19 Min Sculpted Abs (using a ball)

I was very tired this morning even though I slept well. Starting with a walk was the best idea because I suddenly found myself speed walking and banging out three miles in 45 minutes. It was effortless and really woke me up for the day.

Saturday – 6 Miles (easy)

It was warmer today with a breeze. I ran an easy six miles which felt like I was running on autopilot – it was great. It’s worth noting that on weekends, I often run a good two hours later than I do during the week and certainly much later than I ever did in the past.

Sunday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt (3 lb weights) + 3 Mile Walk

I just love Warrior Sculpt! 30 minutes is all I need to really work up a sweat from this type of workout. I save the 45-minute version for times when I want something even more intense (and also for when I can’t get outside for a walk too).


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