Week in Workouts (3 Runs, 1 Walk, MWH Method)

Monday again!

The weeks are continuously busy but I always make sure to keep my workout time frame in the morning free for myself to either run, walk, or choose a Melissa Wood Health workout. It’s so important to me to have that time. It’s non-negotiable!

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

I ran five miles yesterday and it was a little rainy this morning so a combo from Melissa Wood Health was perfect for today.

  • 23 Min Yoga
  • 21 Min Power Booty (1 lb weights + resistance band)

Tuesday – 4 Miles

  • 1-mile warm-up
  • 2 miles hard effort
  • 1 mile cool down

Wednesday – 1 Hour Walk

Thursday – 5 Miles

I started out slow but then saw a girl running behind me in my neighborhood. That was all I needed to see in order to pick up my pace. I lost her very quickly and then maintained a faster speed than I likely would have had she not appeared a few minutes into my run.

I’m not the competitive type, except when running in my neighborhood. The neighbors need to know who the fastest runner is here. I’m slower than I used to be – by choice. However, you put a neighbor out with me while running and I see them? I’m quickly in the 7 min mile range all over again just to show who’s who – okay? I make myself laugh. But it’s true.

Friday – 24 Min Power Flow + 40 Min Walk

Saturday – 5 Miles

  • 1-mile warm-up
  • 3 miles increasingly hard effort
  • 1 mile cool down

I enjoyed this run – it’s nice to want to move fast and run speedy workouts again. It’s also nice to be super satisfied with five miles.

Sunday – 54 Min Full Body (1 lb weights + resistance band)

THIS WAS SO GOOD.  Have you tried Melissa Wood Health workouts yet? Because you should.


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