Nice Week of Workouts (30 min running workouts + MWH Method)

I feel like last week was a nice week in workouts. Although, I feel this way basically every week.

It’s rare for me to look back at a week in workouts and not think it was a good week. I’m active every day, although some weeks involve more running than others. But that doesn’t mean a lower mileage week makes it a bad week.

Last Monday I mentioned that I wanted to get back to 30 minute running workouts and I did just that. It’s the perfect amount of time for weekday mornings when I want to challenge myself but fit it into a quick, efficient time frame. I highly recommend running “just” 30 minutes and seeing what you can do with it. I promise it feels refreshingly effective without burning you out!

Monday – 30 Min Running Workout + 10 Min Walk + 5 Min Arms 

I followed the first 30-minute running workout from Laura’s link that I shared in last week’s post.

Tuesday – Melissa Wood Health (MWH Method) Combo + 30 Min Walk

  • 22 Min Power Yoga
  • 15 Standing Series (1 lb ankle weights)

Wednesday – 30 Min Running Workout + 15 Min Cool Down Walk

  • 1-mile warm-up
  • 2 miles: 3 X 2 (3 minutes hard/2 minutes easy)
  • cool down to 30 minutes

Thursday – 24 Min Flow (ball, band, 1 lb weights) + 45 Min Walk

Friday – 42 Min Yoga Pilates Flow (bodyweight)

Saturday – 5 Miles (easy run)

Beautiful fall morning – sunny and cooler, but not too chilly just yet.


Sunday – 23 Min Power Arms & Abs (ball + 1 lb weights) + 3 Mile Walk

This particular workout from Melissa Wood Health is especially killer/effective for the abs. I get stronger each time I do it!

Melissa wood health

^ the ball behind your back is everything for your abs/core this workout.

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