Week in Workouts + Heart Walk

It was a packed week of holidays, memorials, and events last week – Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, the 20th anniversary of September 11 (and my mom’s birthday), and the Long Island Heart Walk yesterday in memory of my childhood friend’s brother, Adam.

With time off from work during the first part of the week, I had the energy/desire to run a little longer on my run days which was really nice.

Monday – 5 Mile Run

Tuesday – Melissa Wood Health Combo / 3 Mile Walk

  • 23 Min Booty & Abs (1 lb weights)
  • 17 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Wednesday – 7 Mile Run

Thursday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

  • 5 Min Dance Warm-Up
  • 24 Min Full Body (1 lb weights, resistance band, ball)
  • 15 Min Standing Arms & Abs (bodyweight)

Friday – 3 Mile Run/30 Min Walk

Saturday – 4 Mile Run + 1 Mile Walk + 11 Min Arms (1lb Weights)

USA socks

Sunday – 16 Min Yoga + Pilates Flow / Heart Walk at Jones Beach (3.5 Miles)

Every year I join my childhood friend, her family, and their friends at the Long Island Heart Walk in memory of her brother and my friend too, Adam.

heart walk

There was no walk last year due to the pandemic so it was nice to be back this year. Although, something about the boardwalk changed. The Jones Beach boardwalk doesn’t usually run as parallel and close to the ocean as it does in Long Beach.

jones beach

We kept wondering why the water was so close at various parts of the boardwalk.

We aren’t really sure what happened – maybe it has to do with beach erosion or maybe they did something on purpose to create an inlet closer to the boardwalk area? Not sure. Either way, it was pretty.

jones beach


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    Busy week and big workouts. Way to go! And I’m so glad you got to do the heart walk again. Things like that are good for our hearts, in mor ways than one!