College Move-In Day + Best Blanket + Linda’s Fudge Cake


When my son was a few months old, there was a specific blanket that everyone wanted for their children.

In order to pick out your blanket, you had to go to the store (Baby Fortunoff) to browse through the book of design options.

There were a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and most people added the baby’s name to the design.

What I chose:

  • Navy with baby blue trim
  • Baby blue and white gingham on the back
  • Sports theme with my son’s name on the front (Benjamin)

What I didn’t choose: THE SIZE

You see, my parents bought the blanket for us. Whenever my father is involved in ordering something, he will ALWAYS go with the biggest size available. While MOST people bought this blanket to drape over the glider in the baby’s room and use as a floor play mat situation, my father saw past this and felt it would be too short-lived.

If it comes bigger, you get bigger. Bigger means better, even if the baby is itty bitty and the blanket is basically twin-sized. Why get something so small? He will outgrow it. It comes in a bigger size, get the bigger size.

When I saw the size we actually received, I remember so clearly saying…

 Well, okay, he can use this blanket in college.

baby blanket

I can’t even get a full picture of the blanket, it’s so big!

In all fairness, this big soft blanket has been a mainstay throughout the years. While everything else gets outgrown, packed up, or given away, we have used this large blanket over the years at the foot of my son’s bed or as the couch blanket in the den.

Benjamin blanket

Since becoming a mother, the saying, “the days are long but the years are short” is just so true.

Suddenly, college time has arrived. Today is move-in day.

Don’t you think my son should use this blanket at the foot of his dorm bed? Isn’t that why we have it in this size?!

It’s just so crazy to me that it’s time for college when it feels like yesterday that I looked at the giant blanket and thought about how it would take so long for him to grow into using it.

Anyway, let’s not take ourselves down this path of OMG my baby is going to college because, honestly, going down that sappy writing path is not a good idea.

Instead, let’s laugh at this picture that I saw on Facebook the other day. I’m glad my son will be local for college, even if he won’t live at home, because at least he doesn’t have to give up the good stuff like the best bagels (and best pizza) in the country.

best bagels

Hopefully, he will want to meet me for dinner sometimes. Last night we went to our favorite spot and fueled up on Linda’s Fudge Cake. I figured the cake would give me extra energy for moving him into the dorms today.

lindas fudge cake

I’m glad we have the long weekend ahead followed by Rosh Hashanah! I’ll need the time to sort through his room to organize things and get the house back in order.

Have a nice holiday weekend!


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