Quick Look At Recent Meals!

I’m now in the routine of rotating either a salad from Chopt or a salad bowl from Cava.

chopt salad

Cava is so close to my house that it’s hard to not stop in for a salad bowl, which I usually get for dinner.

Here’s how I feel about Cava now that I’ve had it a few times: It’s definitely good and because it’s so local, I will continue to eat it a few times a week. However, it’s not THE BEST Mediterranean food around so I wouldn’t go out of my way to drive specifically to a Cava location. It’s just that it’s very local, quick, easy, and good enough. There are so many toppings and they fill the bowl nicely.


I’m still over here with my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza too. I could easily eat a slice of pizza with a salad for dinner every night and never get tired of it.

My favorite go-to lunch at home remains mashed chickpeas and avocado on Ezekiel toast. It never looks too pretty but it’s just so delicious and easy to make. Not to mention, nice and healthy. 🙂

mashed chickpea avocado

I was in the city for work yesterday and I thought ahead to remember to take a picture of our lunch.

Yeah well, that thought went out the window. Once I’m working, I really forget about other things. I remembered to take a picture AFTER lunch.


After lunch, we took a quick walk and stopped at The Juice Shop for a juice. Now, I much prefer Juice Press (especially for their wide variety of plant-based foods) but this Big Bang juice did serve its afternoon purpose.

big bang juice

It’s so funny to me how I’ve really gotten away from coffee in the afternoon. In fact, I really only have two cups of coffee in the morning – one regular and one decaf. I prefer decaf teas the rest of the day and/or cold-pressed juice.

I’m still making my own passion iced tea every day at home — it really became my drink of the summer. Have you tried making it yet? I shared more about it in this post.


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