Looking Back On Former Workout Routine (weekly workouts)

Last week was quite a week. Between the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, work being extremely busy, and getting my son ready to move into his dorm later this week, I can barely remember that we had a slight hurricane turned tropical storm with rain that lingered into last Monday.

That storm was only last week? That’s why I didn’t run on Monday? Because it was raining still? Woah, barely remember that.

In any event, with so much going on, I’m just so glad that I have figured out how to balance my workouts in relation to the rest of my life. So often I think about how I just can’t even imagine working such full days (even though I work from home) while running hard workouts or long distances prior to starting my day.

I look back on my former running routine (you can scroll back the years of my workout recaps to see too) and wonder how I did it. And then I remember. I was able to run the distances and workouts that I was back then because my workdays were not what they are now. For a few years there, freelance was my only job and even when I started the job I have currently, it was not at the level of business that it is today. I had more of the desire and energy back then to pour into running 8-mile workouts at 6:00 AM before driving my son to school.

Now? It would take a lot to get me to run more than 5 miles on a weekday, let alone start a workout before 6:30 AM – at the EARLIEST. Even though my son wouldn’t need me to drive him to school anymore, I could not get up so early to exercise – and I’m a morning person!

While starting my workouts later in the morning does shorten my workout time window, I’ve also evolved so much as a runner to be in a place to move past running all the miles (and races). I don’t want to – or need to  – anymore.

I love that I can choose to take a walk when I’m not mentally/physically up for a run and feel super satisfied. It’s also very exciting to me that I can get so much out of yoga pilates flows.

That being said, I equally appreciate how the lower intensity workouts leave me looking forward to a good run.

There’s no set workout routine or pressure here to do any type of workout on any particular day outside of what I feel like doing (which changes by the day). And this makes me very happy!

brooks ghost

Monday – 42 Min Yoga Pilates Flow (1 lb weights + resistance band)

This workout was just added to Melissa Wood Health’s workout menu – SUCH a good one.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run + 30 Min Walk

I don’t remember why I chose to walk after running three miles. I guess three was enough for today.

Wednesday – 3 Mile Walk + 10 Min Fully Body Flow (bodyweight)

Thursday – 33 Min Full Body (1 lb weights) + 30 Min Walk

Friday – 5 Mile Run

It was HOT today. I even checked my weather app while running because it felt especially oppressive – 75 degrees and 91% humidity – I thought the humidity seemed higher than that.

My friend called during my last mile and although I spoke to her while running, I felt out of breath which is not at all like me when running at an easy pace. It was definitely from the heat.

Saturday – 32 Min Warrior Sculpt

It was a rainy morning so I went back to an old favorite – 30 Minutes of Warrior Sculpt. It’s really amazing what you can do in 30 minutes!

lifetime warrior sculpt

Sunday – 5 Mile Run

It was cloudy and less humid this morning which made it much more comfortable than it was on Friday. I wish I had time to run on the boardwalk today but I have too much dorm packing taking place! Hopefully, I can get to the beach next weekend.

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