Weekly Workouts (Hurricane? + Beach Run + Melissa Wood Health)

A few things to note before getting to my workouts from last week!

– I always look at my workout week from Monday – Sunday. However, it’s interesting to adjust that thinking and sometimes look at my workouts over a different seven-day period. For example, if I were to look at last week as Saturday – Friday, I ran a whole lot more in that seven-day period than Monday – Sunday (as seen below). I had run five miles both last Saturday and Sunday so if you add that to Monday – Friday, it tacks on another ten miles over the course of seven days.

Are you following my train of thought? I know it can get confusing but it’s worth looking at any seven-day period for your workouts. Sometimes, you may think you did less in a seven-day period but taking a look back at the prior days may reveal something very different.

– I say this often but Melissa Wood Health’s yoga/pilates flows are seriously the best. If you haven’t tried her platform yet, I really recommend the 7-day free trial. Her workouts are peaceful, enjoyable, challenging, and effective. What more can you ask for than that?! I really look forward to the workouts in a very different way than other workouts. You will see what I mean if you give it a try. I especially recommend Melissa Wood Health if you are looking to stop overexercising.

– We had a sudden hurricane appear yesterday (usually we have a few days of notice/hype over it? This was more like a day or two of notice) that became a tropical storm that was mainly just heavy rain. It’s still supposed to rain today although I hope it stops at some point so I can get out of the house! I don’t care if I don’t run this morning, but I do like to take a walk during my workday.

Monday – 22 Min Full Body Flow + 17 Min Arms (1 lb weights) +  30 Min Walk

This flow has quickly become a favorite of mine.

Tuesday – 5 Mile Run

I’m so happy that I was in the mood to run and easily ran five miles without thinking twice about it. As you know lately, my weekday runs have been more like three miles because my interest hasn’t been there. Today felt nice.

Wednesday – 29 Min Full Body Strong Flow + 45 Min Walk

Thursday – 3 Mile Run + 30 Min Walk

It was super humid but windy so it didn’t feel too bad. I only ran three miles because I am planning to run tomorrow on my day off from work.

Friday – 6 Miles

It was a bit overcast but sunny at times while running in Long Beach this morning. I was so happy to be off from work to have the time to run on the boardwalk today! The humidity felt high but I didn’t feel like dying until close to mile six.

Long Beach

Saturday – 40 Min Full Body Pilates (1 lb weights)

I added this workout to my favorites list within my Melissa Wood Heath account – such a good one.

Sunday – 45 Min Fire + 15 Min Arms + Abs

With a hurricane/tropical storm in the area, obviously running or walking outdoors wasn’t happening. I chose this FIRE workout from Lifetime but I didn’t love it as much as the others. I kept fast-forwarding various parts of the workouts (way too much holding of downward dog for what should be a quick-moving HIIT yoga practice). Because I didn’t feel satisfied, I added an arms + abs workout from Melissa Wood Health.

FIRE yoga

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    Wow that is such a good point about different 7 day intervals…I think generally for those of us who are prone to over-exercising, we always under-estimate how much activity we’re really doing.
    The MWH workouts sound so perfect; that’s the same as I feel about power yoga by Gayatri Yoga on Youtube. So challenging but so feel-good too!
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…Christmas in JulyMy Profile

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