Second COVID Vaccine + Weekly Workouts

Another summer week in the books.

Last week was a little different in that I had the second COVID vaccine on Wednesday. While I didn’t experience the terrible side effects a lot of people have been experiencing after the second COVID vaccine, I did take it easy and remain cautious of how the vaccine could affect how I would feel during my workouts.

Monday – 4 Mile Run/1 Mile Walk

I woke up with my period (as I knew I would) but totally felt like running. Even with 96% humidity, I felt more like myself than I have in a while! Perhaps last week’s lack of full interest in running was due to PMS. I’m not really sure since I didn’t feel a PMS vibe most of the time but who knows.

Also, why are the leaves changing color already? I don’t think this is normal.


Tuesday – 22 Min Full Body Power Flow/45 Min Walk

A new full-body flow was added to the Melissa Wood Health menu this week and it was such a great one! I really love her workouts.

Wednesday – 33 Min Yoga + Pilates Flow (1 lb weights & resistance band) / 12 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Well, I planned to run but as I was about to get ready, I heard heavy rain on the window. I was not expecting it to rain! I wasn’t sure when the rain would stop so I changed my workout plan for the day.

Thursday – 3.5 Mile Walk

I had the second COVID vaccine yesterday and although I don’t feel sick (my arm into my shoulder is REALLY sore, that’s it right now), I don’t think it’s smart to run at just yet.

Friday – 3 Mile Walk/10 Min Full Body Flow

I mostly felt like myself, a little more tired I think (and I had a slight headache last night). My arm is beginning to feel better.

Saturday – 5 Miles

Feeling fine!

My goal was to run three miles. It was hot out there (the last day of a heatwave) and I stayed local instead of going to the beach. I also went slow (pace in the 10’s) to make sure I didn’t overdo it. Once I reached three miles, I continued to four, and then five.

Remember a few weeks ago when I suddenly didn’t feel well during a beach run? It’s extremely possible that it had something to do with the first COVID vaccine. That run happened three days after receiving the vaccine. While it’s hard to know sure, it’s possible that it affected my ability to run my normally moderate paces, making it feel as though I was running much faster than I actually was.

Sunday – 5 Miles

It was a beautiful morning for running on the boardwalk. I felt completely fine but still didn’t want to overly push myself, especially in the bright sun (with no shade) just in case there’s any lingering vaccine effect going on internally.

Long Beach

My plan was to run easy again. Once I ran three miles, I continued to four, and then five. Similar to yesterday!

Long Beach

I would think I’m good to go with normal running this week!

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