Dirty Taco + Chocolate Covered Apples + Other Recent Meals

Jumping right into recent meals and what I’ve been eating!

I had dinner at Dirty Taco over the weekend!

I always order the same thing at Dirty Taco because I’m totally boring. But, I also know what I like so why deviate from the plan?

It’s important to always start with guacamole.


Followed by the “Naked Taco” which is a salad topped with your choice of two taco fillings.

I always choose the brussels sprouts and cauliflower taco fillings although there are a few other vegetarian taco options on the menu.

While the salad was as good as ever, I do think they are putting much less in a bowl than they used to in the past.

Check out this post to see the difference. Maybe I need to try the Wantagh Dirty Taco location again – this time I was at Woodbury so maybe Wantagh (or Rockville Centre) still fills the salad bowl nice and big?

naked taco salad

For dessert, we went to Kilwin’s where I always end up with a chocolate-covered apple. Sometimes I try to choose something else, but I actually don’t think it’s ever happened.

kilwins chocolate apples

I like it when they cut the chocolate-covered apple for me so I can eat it more easily.

chocolate covered apple

While at the mall on Sunday, I had lunch at The Little Beet. I always go with a veggie plate but do choose different vegetables depending upon what they have on any given day. I noticed beet falafel for the first time so I asked to try it. She gave me one falafel on my plate. It was really good! A bit of spice to it. I would definitely order the beet falafel next time.

the little beet

As far as what I’ve been eating at home, it’s pretty much the usual stuff (shocking, I know):

Oatmeal for breakfast

Salads for lunch (sometimes adding cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast with mashed chickpeas and avocado)

Salads for dinner WITH a baked potato. I go through phases on whether I’m in the mood for a baked sweet potato or regular baked potato. This week it’s been regular baked potatoes.

Oh, and I’m back on my Banza pasta kick. I picked up a few boxes of the chickpea pasta from Target over the weekend. I do wish Banza was organic but I try to ignore it. Maybe one day they will go organic?

banza pasta

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