Week in Workouts (kinda uneventful?)

Last week’s workouts were pretty uneventful. I chose to walk more mornings than I ran but I think this coming week will have more running back in the rotation.

Saturday’s run on the boardwalk took place during the most beautiful summer weather. While I really don’t mind running in the heat and humidity, I totally appreciated the 67-degree temperatures, bright sunshine, and low humidity. Dare I even say, I was a little chilly while hanging out at the beach after my run?

Long Beach ny

I’m also fully appreciating where we are in summer, making sure I make the most of the warm air and early sun for walking and running. I know people love fall for running, and while I don’t hate it, I definitely don’t enjoy the later sunrises or when it gets colder than I like for walking in the morning.


All flows/workouts are Melissa Wood Health.

Monday – 3 Mile Walk + 12 Min Full Body Flow


Tuesday – 3 Mile Walk + 27 Min Arms/Abs/Booty (1 lb weights)


Wednesday – 3 Mile Run + 30 Min Walk


Thursday – 3 Mile Walk + 15 Min Power Pilates


Friday – 3 Mile Run/30 Min Walk


Saturday – 6 Mile Run

It was BEAUTIFUL this morning! My goal was five miles and to not suddenly feel sick like I did last week. I’m happy to report that I felt like my usual self during this run which only reinforced for me just how wrong I felt last week and how glad I am that I noticed it and cut my run short. You know how you normally feel so when you don’t feel normal, it stands out.

By six miles, I was done though. I didn’t want to continue but I did walk for a bit while chatting on the phone.

Long Beach boardwalk

Sunday – 23 Min Yoga + 19 Min Full Body Power Series (1 lb weights) / Walk

This was such a great combo for today! I hadn’t done this particular yoga flow in a while and the full-body power series was newly added to the Melissa Wood Health menu – such a good one. It was challenging yet enjoyable. That’s really the best way to describe all of her workouts.

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      I’m so glad you pointed this out — so many people/runners DON’T including walking as a workout. Instead, they call it a rest day. I don’t agree with that at all – walking counts as exercise and as movement, even if it’s low-impact! It’s okay to have days that are easier on the body, they still count and are so important to an overall balanced lifestyle.