Workouts from Last Week (Barre3 soreness + Cut My Run Short)

I missed Friday’s post mainly because my Macbook Air has been giving me keyboard problems which makes typing a chore.  I’m in the process of setting up and transitioning to a new laptop but I can’t get the new laptop’s internet to work just yet (don’t ask – I thought Mac’s made life easier?!) so I’m still struggling to type which is SUPER annoying.

I’m glad I write my workouts down each day as they happen so that today’s post can put itself together without too much additional typing from me.

I wanted to go into more detail about how sore I was from Barre3 (see below) and then how I didn’t feel well during my run on Saturday (see below) but more details may have to wait until my computer issues are behind me!

Monday – 5 Miles

This was my first run in a while where I mentally pushed myself to go faster on average than I have been and also the first run in a while where I average overall in the 8’s.

Tuesday – 30 Min Barre3/10 Min Power Abs (Melissa Wood Health)/Walk

I randomly found that I had access to Barre3 workouts on my TV (not sure how) so I decided to try one today. This one was similar to other Barre3 workouts I’ve done in the past and mainly cardio-focused with a ton of squats.

Wednesday – 3 Mile Run/15 Min Full Body Power Series

I noticed I was slightly sore from yesterday’s Barre3 workout when I woke up but the real soreness set in as the day went on.

Thursday – 4 Mile Walk

My legs were SORE from Tuesday’s Barre3 workout so I went for a walk to loosen up and keep things easy.

Friday – 30 Min Full Body Yoga + Pilates Flow/40 Min Walk

Still pretty sore so I didn’t run, figuring I would run tomorrow at the beach.

Saturday – 5 Miles

My legs felt better today!

While I didn’t have a distance or workout plan for today’s boardwalk run, I also didn’t factor in not feeling well towards the five-mile mark.

Even without a distance plan, I naturally run five miles and then make decisions on how much further I will run.

I felt fine and was really enjoying this run until somewhere during mile four when I suddenly didn’t feel well. The best I can say to describe how I was feeling is that I suddenly felt as though I had been running a race with my pace in the 7’s and was at the end of a half marathon still at that pace in the heat.

But I wasn’t in a race, I was running in the 9’s, and was only at four miles.

I stopped to walk right at five miles to shake off whatever I was feeling. Within a minute I felt better but knew I made the right decision to stop – it was not at all like me to feel that way.

I drank some water, walked for a bit while chatting on phone, and then hung out on a bench.


I felt completely fine after that happened but it was weird!

Sunday – 30 Min Yoga/Pilates Flow (1 lb weights/resistance band) + 10 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

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