Workouts From Last Week

I haven’t much to say about last week’s workouts!

Monday – 45 Min Run/10 Min Booty (using bodyweight)

I knew the humidity had to be high when my sunglasses fogged the second I stepped outdoors. 96% humidity this morning. No big deal or anything.

Also,  for some reason, Runkeeper wasn’t tracking distance so I ran by time instead.

Tuesday – 30 Min Power Yoga + Pilates (with 1lb weights + band)

Wednesday – 30 Min Run

Thursday – 30 Min Run/15 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Friday – 4 Mile Walk

Saturday – 5 Miles/14 Min Stretching Flow

I was about to get ready to run at the beach when my friend called at the last minute wanting to go to the beach – like to sit for the day, not run – so I quickly changed my running plan. I ran by my house (IT WAS SO HOT AND HUMID) and then went to a north shore beach with her (I usually go south shore but she likes north shore beaches lately which is fine with me – any beach works!)


Sunday – 45 Min Full Body Yoga/Pilates Flow


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  1. Sarah says

    I admire and respect your ability and willingness to change plans last minute to be with your friend!

    • says

      thank you! Yes, I have no problem changing my workout plans, even last minute — really important to be able to do that. And hey, I still ran, just in a different location and maybe for a shorter amount of time. 🙂