Running Every Other Day (weekly workout recap)

With the long holiday weekend last week, I had included Monday’s workout in last week’s workout recap. As to not confuse anyone though, I’ll pop it back in today’s post as well.

I don’t have a ton of additional details to share about my workouts other than saying that I like running every other day. Running doesn’t always happen on an every other day schedule – sometimes weather interferes, sometimes I want to run two days in a row, and sometimes I decide to go two or three days without running.

Overall though, running every other day feels best mentally, even more than physically sometimes. I like to run while thinking about the next day when I will do something else (like yoga or pilates). And then, while doing something else, I look forward to running the next day.

I’m honestly not sure how I used to run, what? Five days in a row? Four days? Maybe sometimes six days?  Yikes. That seems really draining to me at the moment. But it all goes along with seasons of life, right? I went through that phase of running all the days and miles (thankfully injury-free) and now appreciate where I am now, running less, and less often.

Monday – 6 Miles

Long Beach boardwalk

Tuesday – 20 Min Power Arms & Abs (lb weights + ball)/45 Min Walk

Melissa Wood Health workouts are NO JOKE. They are so pleasant and calming yet so effective. My abs were sore all week from this workout.

Wednesday – 5 Miles

I know I like to run in the summer and work up a good sweat in the heat BUT sometimes I briefly question my sanity when it’s so hot and humid first thing in the morning and I’m out there running.

Thursday – 29 Min Full Body Power Flow/45 Min Walk

Another good one from Melissa Wood Health.

Friday – 45 Min FIRE Yoga

With TORRENTIAL rain this morning, there was no way I was going outside to run. I love FIRE from Lifetime  (HIIT Yoga) although this particular workout had some serious cardio sections in the mix. I just do the best I can.

fire yoga

Saturday – 8 Miles

I think this was my longest run in months! Maybe since last summer or early fall?

I got to the beach a little earlier than I have been which may have made a difference in how I felt running in the bright sun.

This was such a great run – I felt so strong throughout the 8 miles. Usually, I’m dead towards the end of a boardwalk run but today I found myself still going strong and zoning out rather than wondering when I would be done.

beach run

Sunday – 24 Min Yoga/Pilates Stretching Flow/3 Mile Walk

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