New Running Shoes! (weekly workout recap)

New running shoes! New running shoes!

brooks running shoes

My Ghost 13’s from March are not totally dead yet but I wanted to grab a new pair on sale before I missed the opportunity. While buying the new pair of Ghosts, I opted to get a new pair of Brooks Launch too. Having both of these pairs of running shoes will help me get back to a solid running shoe rotation again.

I kinda fell off track with being diligent about rotating my running shoes when I started running less a few years ago. It’s really not an excuse but it’s the truth. I used to be so good about rotating my shoes and not wearing the same pair for two runs in a row but I totally got lazy on this task.

Cutting my weekly mileage in half (if not more) changed the way I felt about my running shoes. Yes, I do still need the right shoes on my feet and I’m still very Princess and the Pea in that I feel the cushion burn out way before most people and notice things others may not notice, but I stopped feeling every tiny detail as I did in the past. It stopped mattering to me which shoes I wore for which run because most of my runs are fairly short and easy.

It is so important to rotate your shoes not only to extend the life of each pair and give the cushioning time to bounce back but to help prevent injury. When you wear different shoes, you give your feet a chance to use different muscles and prevent overuse.

So, now I have three pairs of running shoes to work with each week. My previous pair of Ghosts will only be worn for walking and the two new pairs of running shoes will be on a strict rotation so that I never wear the same pair for two runs in a row. I will ensure, however, to adjust the running shoe rotation schedule so that I wear the Ghosts for boardwalk runs. Extra cushion for those runs is critical!

Monday – 3.25 Miles/15 Min Abs Flow

It was overcast with 95% humidity although I don’t mind running in humidity all that much. I probably could have continued to my favorite weekday distance of five miles but I didn’t really feel like it. It made more sense to stop where I was and leave myself wanting to run — this helps me get back in my running groove vs. pushing myself to run further than I actually feel I want to at the moment.

Tuesday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt/30 Min Walk

lifetime warrior sculpt

Wednesday – 3 Miles/18 Min Yoga Stretching Flow

It was beautiful outside today! Bright sun with low humidity – I might have even felt a little chill.

Thursday – 5 Miles

My first run in my new pair of Brooks Launch! I was so excited that I guess I forgot to take a picture of them.

Friday – 22 Min Power Yoga/20 Min Arms + Abs

Saturday – 5 Miles

All of the pizza and pasta I ate after my son’s graduation last night did nothing to move me any faster in the high humidity today. I didn’t exactly enjoy today’s run aside from my new running shoes.

brooks ghost

Sunday – 20 Min Booty + Abs (1 lb weights/ball) + 5 Min Arms (1 lb weights)/Walk

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      Time just flies sometimes and we lose track of the mileage on the shoes but it is so important to replace worn-out sneakers so we don’t hurt ourselves. Hope you got a new pair since leaving this comment and I hope all is well!

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