Graduation Day + Friday Favorites

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned my latest pizza superstition.

It had come to my attention that the Islanders were winning their playoff games against Tampa on the nights that I had pizza from La Piazza, and losing on the nights I didn’t.

Is it a coincidence that I had La Piazza for dinner Wednesday night and then the Islanders WON GAME SIX, forcing a GAME SEVEN tonight?

I think not. It’s all about the pizza.

We now know what dinner needs to be tonight after my son’s graduation.

My son graduates from high school today.

lindas fudge cake

Who wants to tell me where the time has gone?

Let me preface this to say – I am not old. I keep telling people this when I say my son is graduating from high school. That statement makes me sound old but my story is — I’m not old, he is. I just got married young and had my son at the age of 25. See, I’m still young. He’s old.

When my son was little, I would watch the school buses drive through our neighborhood and think to myself that my baby will never take a school bus, let alone go to school.

I couldn’t imagine letting him out into the world like that.


Of course, he did go to school, starting with preschool three days a week at the age of three.

But I didn’t actually want him to go.

The kid kept me on my toes but I loved hanging out with him all day, every day. I loved our mommy and me classes so much, and he was my best out for lunch buddy starting at two weeks old when the doctor said I could take him with me to the diner. He was ordering my food for me before his words were fully formed (vegetable pizza was set-a-ables pitz-da).


My favorite picture

Elementary school graduation feels like yesterday. I even had my blog at that time to write about how we went to Maureen’s Kitchen for brunch after the ceremony. And Max Brenner the next day with friends.

Four years ago, during middle school graduation, I thought about how high school graduation would come in a flash. I remember thinking that I would feel as though I was just sitting at the middle school graduation ceremony as if it was yesterday.

Yep, that’s the truth. Feels like yesterday. All of it feels like yesterday, including the Bar Mitzvah.


Two weeks ago, my son received an email from a local, private university. We’ve been all set for him to go upstate to Buffalo but out of nowhere, this local university appears with an offer of a full-tuition four-year scholarship.

We were NOT expecting that.

I think I went into shock when I heard this was on the table and my son was considering it. I have been very focused on preparing myself for him to leave, not to mention my full focus on all things dorm room for the University at Buffalo.

Long story short, he has decided to accept the local offer (and will likely live on campus – they are holding the dorm room for him) which means everything I bought for his Buffalo dorm room will still be used, only closer to home. This is what I’m thinking about – I have invested so much time and money into that dorm room decor!

In all seriousness, I really wanted him to go away for college to experience life outside of Long Island but in a really selfish way, the fact that he’s staying local is making this whole graduation from high school thing a whole lot easier.

In Friday Favorites news, I bought this Lily Pulitzer dress to wear to graduation later today. Thankfully it is a nice day and I don’t have to think about rain. What I do have to think about is dinner and getting a last-minute order together from La Piazza in the house for everyone to eat. We decided to cancel our dinner reservation in favor of a mad scramble out of the graduation ceremony to get home to watch the Islanders game. 

I get so excited to read beauty articles professing love for my lifelong favorite hairbrush.They aren’t cheap but I swear by Mason Pearson hairbrushes. Totally worth the investment.

You know I love a tote so I couldn’t resist this one from the Gap. It opens up so big and is great for the beach, not to mention, it’s super cheap.

I finally got my hands (and lips) on the Lawless Forget the Filler Lip Plumping Gloss. Every time I tried to buy it, it was sold out. I definitely recommend this lip gloss – it does what it says and feels really nice on my lips. The only issue – there isn’t a ton of product it seems in the tube so don’t go crazy using it unless you want to be buying another one super quick.

I also bought the Kosas Brow Pop Clean Dual Action Defining Eyebrow pencil. I’m not overly nutty or particular about brow pencils but I gave into the hype over this one from Kosas and can see why people love it so much.

Shopbop added new styles from Stoney Clover which is great because you likely get fast and free shipping.

I think that I would like to get these Nike socks.

Oh, and I’ve mentioned Glossier’s Balm DotCom several times but seriously, you need it. Not only is it amazing for the lips, but it’s also a universal skin salve which means you can apply it anywhere. I’ve been using it on my eyelids (because they tend to be really sensitive and can get irritated/dry) and it’s been like a magic cure.

Have a nice weekend and please eat pizza so that the Islanders win tonight!



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