Less Running But It’s Okay With Me (weekly workout recap)

Monday already? Where does the weekend go?

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I didn’t run as much as usual last week which was mostly due to my period being due (and arriving right on schedule) on Tuesday.

Monday I didn’t feel like running because I ran 7 miles on Sunday but then Tuesday, I just knew I wasn’t up for running. I had that hot but cold but sweaty but can’t actually sweat feeling which meant that at any second, my period would arrive.  Running under those conditions and feelings is not ideal for me. Not to mention, I wasn’t even in the mood to run.

And then Wednesday, I was definitely not running because those early morning hours are the worst part of my cycle for me. In fact, during those early morning moments, I wondered if I would ever run again because it seemed so unappealing.

I tried finding my running energy and desire again later in the week and although I ran a bit, my mood wasn’t 100% on board until AFTER running on Saturday. Although, that didn’t mean I wanted to run on Sunday. I had my hair cut and highlighted Saturday afternoon and there was no way I was ruining it with sweat from a workout just yet.

These weeks happen. I’m old enough and experienced enough as a runner to know these weeks happen and that yes, my mood for running will return as quickly as it faded.

While yes, hormones affect female runners at various points of our cycles, each month can be very different for me. I would say I lost my desire to run for longer than usual last week and some of it was hormone related but some of it may not have been. And either way, it doesn’t really matter to me. I know that I will want to run more this week (I think) and even if I don’t, I don’t really mind.

I’m happy to have other workouts I enjoy when I don’t feel like running. And the truth is, sometimes I crave a yoga/pilates flow instead of running.

I’m going to say again, if you haven’t tried Melissa Wood Health yet, please do so! I think you will love having her workouts as an option in your routine. Her flows are a breath of fresh air yet don’t be fooled – they are challenging.

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – 3 Mile Walk/20 Min Inner/Outer Thighs (1 lb weights + band)

I managed to walk outside before the rain this morning! Then I came home for a sideline series focusing on inner and outer thighs from Melissa Wood Health. OMG, it was KILLER. Beyond killer. Like how can something so innocent as laying on your side be so challenging? Forgetting the power of using one-pound weights, I think it was the addition of the resistance band that made this next level.

Tuesday – 30 Min Cardio Warm-Up with Full Body Flow/30 Min Walk

Wednesday – 30 Min Pilates

Thursday – 3 Mile Run/30 Min Walk

I wasn’t totally in the mood to run but I also knew it was nice outside and three miles was doable.

Friday – 3 Mile Run/15 Min Ab-Focused Flow

Another day of being in the mood to run only three miles.

Saturday – 6 Miles/15 Min Arms (using bodyweight)

My mood for running was slightly stronger and I had the time so six miles was within reach. I even added in some speed work in the form of random intervals. Feeling more like myself again.

Sunday – 40 Min Full Body Yoga/Pilates Flow

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