Workouts From Last Week (beach run + Lifetime workouts are back)


I’m happy to report that not only were my workouts super great last week, my son rejoined Lifetime. Why is this important to mention as part of my workouts? Well, he’s happy (which makes me happy) to be going again to enjoy all Lifetime has to offer (such a great place), I now have access again to Lifetime’s Digital workouts through his membership.

During the pandemic, I wrote plenty about how much I loved Lifetime’s yoga practices, most especially FIRE and Warrior Sculpt. I would credit Lifetime for helping me learn to love yoga and pilates last year. Those workouts were key in transitioning me away from Pure Barre and towards yoga and pilates on a weekly basis. (And how I ended up with Melissa Woodd Health).

So now that I have Lifetime workouts as an option, I’ll balance them into my routine depending upon my mood, the weather, and the rest of my week. I like to do Warrior Sculpt or FIRE in place of a run so those will likely happen on rainy days or days I have a ton of energy but don’t necessarily feel like running. It will really depend so I’ll just go with the flow each week to figure it out.

Monday – 30 Min Pilates/15 Min Arms + Abs

I had run three days in a row plus I knew I had a busy day in the city ahead of me. Pilates was perfect for today!

Tuesday – 5 Miles

I just love sweaty sunny summer runs first thing in the morning.

Wednesday – 45 Min FIRE Yoga

I was so happy to return to the HIIT Yoga series from Lifetime! The sweat that occurs during this workout is not to be believed.

FIRE yoga

Thursday – 10 Min Yoga/5 Miles

I was a little sore from yesterday’s workout so stretching with a Melissa Wood Health Yoga stretching flow was just what I needed before heading outside to run.

Friday – 23 Min Yoga/15 Min Booty Focused Flow (1 lb weights)/Walk

Saturday – 4 Mile Walk/16 Min Power Pilates

I was debating running at the beach but the weather wasn’t overly nice so I ended up going for a walk with a friend by the house instead. Tomorrow’s weather may be better.

Sunday – 7 Miles

I’m glad I waited to run on the boardwalk today instead of yesterday because the weather was much nicer! The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Although it was cooler than it had been (high 60’s when I got to the beach), it was still hot once running. I really didn’t mind though, I still enjoyed the run.

Long Beach boardwalk run

I think I’m just about due for a new pair of Ghosts. I’m at basically three months and although I run less than I used to, the Ghosts don’t last as long as some other types of running shoes. Once I start to feel the loss of cushion, I know it’s time for a new pair.

brooks ghost 13

The Brooks Ghost 13’s are on sale because you can now preorder the Ghost 14’s! I love to get my running shoes on sale so this is a great opportunity.


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