Birthday Meals + Desserts (including my fave Levain Bakery Cookie)

I have lots of great food to share with you from my birthday weekend!

I’m so happy that I was able to dine out, see my friends and family, and have a more normal birthday experience in comparison to last year. What a difference!

To keep this post organized, I”m going to share the meal highlights followed by all of the desserts.

Friday night’s dinner at Refuge with my friends started with guacamole.


My friend Lisa and I tend to eat the same foods so we naturally shared a margarita pizza and salad. I was a little upset that Refuge no longer has the delicious pizza with cauliflower topping on the menu but this margarita pizza was still very good.


The salad was so huge that even with both of us eating it, there was a ton leftover to bring home.


Lunch on my birthday in East Hampton was a perfect greek salad with a side of coleslaw and pickle. I had run six miles that morning in the hot sunny weather which left me craving the salt of a pickle and feta cheese.

greek salad

My birthday tradition for years has involved The Cheesecake Factory so I was happy to return to going there again this year.

The Thai lettuce wraps to start.

thai lettuce wraps

And my favorite bbq ranch salad (without the chicken).

bbq ranch salad

My best friend Heather came up from Florida on Monday (!!) and although she’s here with her daughter and staying in the city, I did see them Monday night so we can include that in this recap as part of my birthday. It worked out PERFECTLY too because I was already in the city for work during the day.

We had dinner at La Pecora Bianco in Soho although I’m not 100% what we ordered. I know there were appetizers and one of them involved beets, and one involved roasted cauliflower.


And then I had some sort of salad. It wasn’t great but I was starving from a busy day so it worked.



This is a blurry picture of churros fries.

churro fries

I just had to stop for a chocolate chip cookie at Levain Bakery in the Hamptons. Levain Bakery cookies really just might be THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER.

I really do think so and I’m quite the cookie expert.

levain bakery

My friend Meaghan knows it’s important that I have the right desserts to enjoy for my birthday.

First, the S’mores donut that she got for me was delicious.

more donut

Plus a perfect box of cupcakes.

We won’t discuss that my son ate the rainbow cookie cupcake without me seeing (and without asking if maybe I wanted that one). It’s typical of how things go between us and I’m old enough now not even to get upset about it.


My dad came through with my favorite Hello Kitty cupcakes too. These chocolate fudge frosted cupcakes are my favorite and the reason I skipped dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. I really just wanted to come home and eat my cupcakes.

hello kitty cupcakes

My son owes me an ice cream cone from Marvel on the boardwalk one of these days soon. It was one of the desserts I said I wanted for my birthday but we never made it to Long Beach last weekend. Have I mentioned that Marvel opened a location on the boardwalk? I always pass it while running but it’s never opened in the morning when I’m there for my run so it’s a must to get back there one of these afternoons/evenings. Hopefully, we can get there this weekend.



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