The Little Beet + Kombucha + Recent Meals

I love that it is Wednesday already! The best part of having Monday off is how quickly the rest of the week starts to pass.

Okay so first, we need to get back to the Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips discussion. I still think the chocolate chips taste different in the new bag. The new bags of chips also say dairy-free (which the old bags did not say), but now, I compared ingredients between a new bag and another old chocolate chips bag again, and the ingredients are the same.

Don’t ask me, I have no further information on this topic. All I can say is that the chocolate tastes slightly different and my taste buds don’t lie.

Moving on…

I chose this salad pizza slice at Villa Monte instead of the whole wheat vegetable slice for a change.

salad pizza

Here’s my usual whole wheat margarita pizza from Mario’s with a side salad. Bot the pizza and salad seemed so big that I needed two plates.

whole wheat margarita pizza

Yet another Chopt salad.


I had a veggie plate from The Little Beet. It’s not so easy to choose which veggie combination to go with but this time it was the roasted broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and a new chickpea + cucumber combination. Oh, plus a scoop of avocado bean dip.

the little beet

Oh hey, remember I went to The Little Beet with Michele from Paleo Running Momma? Of course, you don’t remember, why would anyone reading this post today remember? It was a while ago.

My son and I had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory the other day. The onions look so pretty in this picture.

bbq ranch salad

Last but not least, I bought a Kombucha for the first time in quite some time from Trader Joe’s. While this wasn’t the flavor I used to get (I actually forget the exact names of the ones I used to buy but I know it wasn’t this), I really liked it.

synergy kombucha

Actually, here is the last time I mentioned Kombucha on the blog. It was three years ago. Time sure does fly.

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  1. Kelli says

    Oddly, a few days before you originally posted about this, I got a bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate chunks because they were out of chips. I thought they’d taste the same but they didn’t. I didn’t think much about them (except to not buy them again) until I read your post a few days later! I’ll report back on the chip situation at my store…

    • says

      I don’t like the chocolate chunks either! I would occasionally buy them, but quickly remember that I really don’t like them. Let me know the semi-sweet chocolate chip situation from your store when you can!

      • Kelli says

        So I just shopped there (I’m in San Diego btw) and they don’t even have them! Just the dark chocolate chips- I asked and they have been out of stock for awhile. What is going on?! Guess I’ll have to just eat my kids’ chocolate cat cookies instead…